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Broadcast Beat Magazine had an incredible 2017 and our 2018 forecast is even brighter! Since our inception in 2014, Broadcast Beat has continued to provide our industry invaluable content and coverage for industry professionals. Our motto has remained the same “keeping professionals in  the know.” We at Broadcast Beat take pride in our services and we are extremely excited by the recent SCRI Research International, Inc., end of the 2017 year survey findings! The following are the metrics from a list of 18 industry websites pre-listed, where, video pros were asked to check each one that they a) visited the website b) read newsletter c) find most useful and d) perceive as best at trade shows.

Creative Cow and Broadcast Beat lead the field in terms of regular website visits (within 2% of each other), followed by TV Technology, and Videography making up the top five. In terms of regular reading of the newsletter, Broadcast Beat leads TV Technology, TV Broadcast, Broadcasting and Cable and Videography, rounding out the top five. Of the industry portals considered most useful, Broadcast Beat again leads the pack followed by, Creative Cow, TV Technology and Videography. Broadcast Beat is also considered number one at being “best at trade shows” followed by TV Technology, Broadcasting and Cable, Studio and Videography.

Among those pro video users who checked Broadcast Beat in any of the four media metrics tracked, 81% visit the Broadcast Beat website regularly, 64% subscribe to the BB newsletter, 46% consider BB the most useful, and 48% regard BB as the best at trade shows.

“New and evolving digital video technology trends are shaping the traditional broadcast and pro video marketplace” said SCRI Research Director and Co Founder, Desmond Chaskelson, “and the annual survey we conduct with Broadcast Beat, allows us to track the impact key trends, along with our annual product surveys since 1984″

The survey also tracked a host of industry and technology trends including: 4K, 8K, HDR, video storage types, 4K products to be purchased, leading manufacturers of 4K products, working in the cloud, cloud-based storage, video formats used, brands of software editing suites, camera brands, brands of post-production tools used and plan for purchase, visual effects brands, computer platforms and tablet types used for post-production.

The annual tracking survey conducted by SCRI Research International among Broadcast Beat subscribers and social media followers, also confirmed that online video remains the number one video application across the board of all professional vertical user markets.

Online video was ranked first among 19 applications with 44% of all respondents. In addition, Online Webisonic Content garnered an additional 17%, so when taken together, around six out of ten facilities are engaged in online / web video.

When Television (39%) and Syndicated Television Production (7%) are combined for a total of 46%, for TV / Syndicated TV Production (46%) squeaks ahead of online/web video. Also among the top pro video applications are: video ads (33%), documentaries (36%), training videos (32%), industrials / corporate video (32%), other commercial video (28%), news (26%), special event content (26%), sports video (21%). The full list of all pro video applications, with responding usage percentages, is shown in the following chart from the survey results.

The pro video industry is beginning to mature with over half (46%) of all pro video facilities in the small (1-10 people) category – down from the 56% last year. Facilities in the 11-100 people category (23%), 101-500 (13%), 501-1000 (8%) and 1000+ (11%) make up the remaining pro video composition by employee size.

By vertical market composition, video production / post facilities leads (45%), followed by broadcast TV (36%), media (32%), corporate video (26%), digital media production (24%), advertising (23%) and film / production post (21%).

Survey respondents are eligible to receive a complimentary copy of the summary of results report. The full report plus detailed data tabulations and charts are available for purchase from SCRI. Contact Desmond Chaskelson, Co-Founder and Research Director at: [email protected].

NOTE: The survey data is based on 300 qualified respondents, yielding a potential margin of error at the 95% probability level (in 95 cases out of 100) of between 1.9% – 5.8%.

About SCRI Research International, Inc.

Since 1984 SCRI Research International, Inc. ( has been publishing annual syndicated and customized market research reports covering broadcast and professional video for equipment manufacturers, investment firms, trade magazines & associations, and other industry analysts, including the U.S. Department of Commerce.



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