Broadcast Solutions new distributor for ABonAir wireless broadcasting solutions


With ABonAir Broadcast Solutions GmbH adds another brand to its distribution division. Effective immediately the German system integrator distributes ABonAir’s wireless video link systems in Europe, Middle-East and South-East Asia. ABonAir’s wireless video link systems are used to transmit video content from professional camera and production teams to OB Vans or broadcast stations using microwave technology with the 7 msec latency – the lowest in the market worldwide. As the only solution available on the market ABonAir’s system supports integrated Intercom for communication between the cameraman and the director on the same RF channel as the video content.

The ABonAir wireless broadcasting solutions are especially designed for news coverage (ENG), outdoor sports, reality shows, entertainment, live events and video assist. Fields of use include TV channels, news broadcasters, production companies, OB Vans, rental houses and system integrators. ABonAir’s rich set of products is designed to guarantee reliable and stable video transmission for different customer profiles, needs and budgets. The company’s solutions include multiple different products that were designed to guarantee reliable and stable transmission.

Football goals, parachutists’ landings, split-second finishes at the Olympics… sports, news coverage and reality shows are replete with unrepeatable moments that should never be missed. One can’t afford to fail to catch each thrilling second in the broadcast. Further, the production teams must be sure that not even a single pixel is dropped.

The unique technology ABonAir employs enables the users to use robust and reliable wireless video links and ensure continuous and stable transmission for the entire broadcast session.

ABonAir’s outstanding bi-directional system, superior to anything on the market today, guarantees 100% accurate pictures. Built on a full-duplex data channel between camera transmitters to receivers, the system acknowledges the correct acceptance of each packet of pixels. As a result, the system enables continuous and stable content transmission – ensuring the reliability and stability you need.

ABonAir’s technical advantages:

  • Robust and reliable OFDM wireless link
  • Full duplex data channel (1 Mbps) for 100% availability
  • 264 CODEC – broadcast quality (+52dB PSNR)
  • Line of sight, wireless range up to 2.5 km
  • Resolutions – SD/HD up to 1080p (NTSC/PAL)
  • Lowest delay in the market (only 7 msec)
  • Embedded camera control unit (CCU/RCP and PTZ)
  • Unlicensed frequencies (4.9 Ghz-5.875 Ghz)
  • Low power consumption (10 W)
  • Automatic configuration for fast setup time
  • Embedded intercom
  • Fiber coverage extender for Multi-Venue or Multi-Zone usage

ABonAir’s solutions utilize a robust OFDM radio to guarantee wireless coverage even in the most difficult scenarios. This technology, combined with a proprietary air protocol, was designed to stream HD video of the highest quality with consistent bitrates, in order to meet the most demanding broadcast standards.

In addition, the innovative H.264 video codec embedded in ABonAir’s systems ensures excellent picture quality and range. The state-of-the-art video compression technology, along with wireless radio enhancements (extended range, security and quality), is ideal for broadcasting market needs and requirements.

ABonAir’s technology is based on a full-duplex data channel that guaranties 100% availability. The system’s bi-directional link is embedded with features such as CCU, Tally and Intercom. It provides an excellent range up to 2.5 km as well as low delay and low power consumption.

Thanks to its robust and reliable technology, ABonAir’s product-line has been successfully employed by broadcasters around the world.

You find more information on the ABonAir products portfolio at:

Sales contact for ABonAir products at Broadcast Solutions is:

Antti Laurila

Director Broadcast Products

Tel: +49 (0) 6721/4008-202

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