Broadcast Solutions releases meshLINK to revolutionise wireless video transmissions

meshLINK wireless video transmission system

Broadcast Solutions, one of the leading systems integrators in media and content production, takes the next step in offering innovative product developments with the release of meshLINK. With meshLINK, the company takes high-quality wireless video transmission to the next level in providing state-of-the-art video encoding, full-duplex IP and Mesh networking, combined in a truly rugged and straightforward system. meshLINK offers a super-low latency down to 45 ms in HD and 75 ms in 4K, 100 Mbit maximum data throughput and 1 to 4 HD encoding channels on one frequency.

meshLINK represents the latest developments in RF technology on the one hand and breakthroughs in ultra-low latency UHD HEVC encoding on the other, now combined in one product. The system is a true duplex IP-based wireless system allowing a wide range of functions during live broadcasts, live production, news gathering or event coverage, like RCP and telemetry integration. Further on, intercom, return video, prompter and other functions can be integrated like in any other IP-based application.

In a basic version, it can be seen as a Tx/Rx wireless point-to-point product, with the fundamental difference being that it allows bidirectional IP traffic and complete monitoring of the link. In this configuration, meshLINK works with a radio and encoder on the Tx side, combined with a radio and decoder on the Rx side.

Adding more radios (dubbed as nodes) to the system creates a Mesh network, a single-frequency, highly scalable, self-forming, self-healing wireless network. Placing nodes “on the fly” allows ad hoc transmissions from virtually any position. Using the mesh functionality, a radio is a transmitter, receiver, and repeater simultaneously, adding flexibility to the system and uninterrupted signal transport.

Signal routing is automatically and dynamically selected for optimal performance to deliver the best quality without compromising signal stability. In addition, data can be entered and retrieved at every node in the network. In case one Tx/Rx line is blocked all other nodes in the mesh can take over the delivery of the signal by acting as a relay.

For easy configuration and in-depth monitoring, all devices in the network can be controlled from any selected node via any common web browser.

To ensure the best possible result, a ground-breaking feature is offered as an option: Real-time adaptive video encoding. Video bandwidth (bitrate) is automatically adapted to the Mesh network capabilities, ensuring the best video quality under given circumstances.

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