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Broadcasters Can Expand Content Distribution With Lumens’ Wireless Presentation System



If you’re a broadcaster and getting your content out there is priority number one, then that makes the need for a good presentation that much more important. Having great and unique content will help you stand out, but that’ll mean nothing if you don’t know how to present yourself, and the way for a broadcaster to present themselves in a digital ecosystem that only continues to take on mountains upon mountains of growth is to have the right tech. That’s where Lumens come in with their ability to provide some of the most dynamic live productions for any application.


About Lumens



Lumens Digital Optics Inc. is a leader in optical products as well as a Pegatron Group company. Since its inception, back in 1998, the company’s product line has produced portable document cameras, desktop document cameras, a ceiling document camera, HD PTZ cameras, and projection engines. The company was created by a team with a deep technological heritage of image processing, video electronics, and optical technology. Thanks to the support of the Pegatron Group, Lumens has continuously made improvements in product designs that have been used in classrooms, conference rooms, and distance learning.


Lumens And Broadcasting



At Lumens, broadcasting applications entail the delivery of sound, image, or video content to a remote display for audiences not at the actual site of the event or speaking engagement. This company can cover educational institution, professional newsrooms and houses of worship which use their videos to reach their specific audiences. In addition to that, athletic events are video recorded and enlarged on large screens at the sports center. Any event taking place can also be streamed live for distant audiences, and the high-quality of the cameras and sound systems in place significantly influence the attention of a target audience.

Additional facts about the broadcasting process at Lumens included

  • The capture of scenes and close-up views of a speaker or event
  • A more engaging experience for the audience
  • Cameras being easily mounted in the ceiling and controlled by a joystick camera controller
  • Instant live streaming on YouTube, Facebook and other cloud-based platforms

Lumen’s TS20 Wireless Presentation System is an extension of the very expansive broadcast capabilities Lumens provides for its customers.


Lumen’s TS20 Wireless Presentation System




The Lumens TapShare TS20 wireless presentation system can be used for presentations in classrooms, meeting rooms, and auditoriums. The TS20 system operates on 802.11ac with 5G Wi-Fi, which can give a broadcaster the ability to provide a presentation experience without latency. The TS20 system has a built-in multi-interface that includes HDMI, display port, USB and IP. The system also is completely HDMI compatible and it supports “Split Screen Display.” The system is easy to install and no additional drivers or software are required. Any presentations a broadcaster makes using the TapShare TS20 can be shared with the single touch of one to four pods.


Several features of the TapShare TS20 Wireless Presentation System include:

  • Wired Connection Support (Supports PoE and up to 100m (328ft) distance, replacing the HDMI and switcher making applicable for large meeting rooms)
  • Reverse Control Support (Laptop screen can be displayed synchronously with any annotation on the touch screen making it easy for the presenter to present smoothly and efficiently)
  • High Security (Supports a wired connection and with an encrypted technology for wireless transmission)
  • Fully Compatible (Compatible with any input devices with HDMI and display port such as a PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, and even 4K resolution devices)

Learn more about the TapShare TS20 wireless presentation system by visiting www.mylumens.com/en/Products_detail/25/TS20.


Why Choose Lumens?



A good question, and one that can be answered through the ingenuity that very much defines Lumens and their belief that innovative technology creates a greater value for customers on a global scale. Lumens’ mission relies on its refined products, effective management, and optimal service. The company’s dedication to cultivating long-term cooperative relationships has enhanced its ability to provide both customers and partners with first-class products, affordable pricing, and the kind of excellent customer service that has earned them the respect of being a leader in optical products such as the TS20 Wireless Presentation System that can help anyone in the broadcasting industry better distribute their content.

Other products from Lumens’ inventory include:

For More Information On Lumens, visit www.mylumens.com/.




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