Bronco Lighting Begins New Year with Platinum Blondes

Photon Beard recently delivered a pair of the new Platinum Blonde 1,200 Watt HMI lights to Bronco Lighting in Los Angeles. The lights were sold through Maccam, a Photon Beard Reseller based in Van Nuys, after consultation on the best choice.

The Platinum Blonde offers a unique combination of light weight, small size and massive light output that can be run off a domestic outlet with no risk of tripping the breaker. Designed to be immediately familiar to any Gaffer, it feels like and behaves exactly like a traditional tungsten Blonde, just with an amazing punch and in daylight. Offered at a surprisingly affordable price point, it is bundled with the new generation of Power Gems high speed electronic ballasts giving a package flexible enough to handle anything including high speed work. Gaffer Shane Salyards, who runs Bronco, is a big believer in always picking the right light for the ob. After putting the new lights through their paces on initial shoots he was really happy with the way they behaved. “I love the Platinum Blonde”, said Shane, it’s the perfect bounce.

The new lights have been shipping since mid-2015 and are gathering a band of followers around the world. For those in the UK you can see them at the BSC Expo at the end of January and BVE in February. For those in USA you can see them at NAB.

Shane Salyard Hockey Bouce

Managing Director at Photon Beard Ltd
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