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Build Better Content With Dalet Digtal Media Systems’ Platforms



Every piece of content a creative makes, is essential to their brand. The great thing about the relationship between the broadcast industry and content is the level of expansion that has taken fold, and a lot of this enhancement can be attributed to the many media platforms, such as the ones from Dalet Digital Media Systems that have helped content to be built on more agile media enterprises.


About Dalet Digtal Media Systems



Dalet Digital Media Systems is a global company that offers solutions and services that effectively enable media organizations to create, manage and distribute content faster and more efficiently. This helps them fully maximize the value of their assets. Dalet Digital Media Systems is based on an agile foundation. The company offers rich collaborative tools that empower end-to-end workflows for news, sports, program preparation, and multiplatform distribution, post-production and media services, archives and enterprise content management, radio, education, governments, and institutions.

Several of the platforms Dalet Digital Media Systems sses include the Ooyala Flex Media Platform and the Dalet Galaxy five.


The Ooyala Flex Media Platform



The Ooyala Flex Media Platform makes it easier and less costly for a user to manage, package and distribute their content. This platform grants the user more flexibility, configuration workflow orchestration, end-to-end asset, metadata management as well as powerful operational insights. The Ooyala Flex Media Platform shares metadata and analytics, which allow it to create a single source of truth along the content supply chain, and this ranges from production all the way to profit. Ooyala’s open and extensible architecture can be designed to meet a user’s operational, technical and security needs. They are given the option to either leverage out-of-the-box applications or create their own with the built-in API infrastructure.

The Ooyala Flex Media Platform’s efficiency can best be summed up by Dalet’s Product Marketing Director Bea Alonso, who said “The Ooyala Flex Media Platform is designed to streamline workflows, empowering companies to better monetize their content. It offers tremendous distribution versatility, allowing these companies to spin up campaigns and content offerings for social, digital and OTT quickly and efficiently.”

Learn more about using the Ooyala Flex Media Platform by visiting www.dalet.com/ooyala-flex-media-platform.


The Dalet Galaxy Five



The Dalet Galaxy Five operates as a Next-Gen Media Workflow Platform. It is the latest evolution of the industry-leading Dalet Galaxy Media Asset Management (MAM) and Workflow Orchestration platform. It unifies the content chain by managing assets, metadata, workflows, and processes across multiple and diverse production and distribution systems. The Dalet Galaxy Five is designed to address media workflows, and it helps broadcasters and media professionals increase their productivity while providing operational and business visibility.

The new version of the Dalet Galaxy Five brings a number of important functional enhancements and three major technology innovations as a way of augmenting media operations and create new forward-thinking business models. The first of these business models enables broadcasters and media organizations to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) across the workflow. The second business model leverages hybrid infrastructures with on-premise and cloud deployments, and the third model brings social media at the core.

Several Key Features of the Dalet Galaxy Five include:

  • Centralized Ingest (Import content from various sources and formats be it SDI-based or file-based)
  • Full Show Automation (Advanced automation events macros for control of studio devices such as lighting, audio and camera position)
  • Social Media Framework (Harvest, analyze, produce and deliver rich content on social media platforms alongside traditional outlets)
  • Program Management & Versioning (Able to manage end-to-end, component-based IMF workflows from acquisition to production, versioning, packaging, and distribution)
  • 360° Collaboration (Media Bins that provide the ultimate in media sharing flexibility)
  • Fully Integrated NRCS (A fully integrated collaborative news system that meets the challenge of media convergence)
  • Comprehensive Editing Experience ( Comprehensive and collaborative editing experience to fit any workflow and editor’s needs)
  • Content Discovery (A framework for a new generation of editorial experience, recommending to the journalists and producers a selection of content readily available on the platform that matches their assignment)
  • Workflow Orchestration (Connects entities and orchestrates media workflows across the enterprise, providing greater visibility and efficiency)

Learn more about Dalet Galaxy Five by visiting www.dalet.com/platforms/galaxy-five.


Dalet solutions and services are used globally at hundreds of content producers and distributors, which include public broadcasters such as BBC, CBC, France TV and many more as they continue to enable media organizations in the creation management, and the distribution of content at a faster and more efficient rate, which will continually maximize the value of their assets at the fullet capacity.

For more information about Dalet Solutions and Services, visit www.dalet.com/.


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