Bullet Proofing Your GoPro Hero3

Made with military grade aluminum the Redrock Cobalt Cage for your GoPro HERO3 is a perfect and much needed accessory when attempting those rather risky camera set-ups and beyond belief camera shots that your client is requesting. The 1/4″-20 threads are integrated and completely surround the camera 360 degrees.  Just the design itself minimizes vibrations and provides ease of mind, that your GoPro HERO3 will not fly off your mount going 35 mph down a rather steep winding road. The Cobalt Cage is virtually indestructible (even for those very imaginative film students!) and it only weighs 3oz more than the plastic GoPro housing! The open air design also eliminates the rather frustrating fog that ruins your shot, while keeping your camera and it optics safe.  The shooter mounting options are expanded when you can use  Cardellini clamps, speed rails, suction cups, and/or mafer clamps.

The ability to to accessorize with the 20 industry standard 1/4″-20 threads provide the user with mounting options such as microphones, LED lights, and other hot-shoe accessories that allows the camera to move as a self contained setup. Some other features that are worthy of bullet points are: You can use with or without the Hero underwater housing, the full cage delivers Grade A protection- whether it be crushing, crashing, or “spiking in the end-zone”, the unit is secured at 6 points, by which it does NOT rely on the provided “finger mount”, with over 20 mounting points on all four sides you can rig and accessorize, it’s compatible with GoPro family of add-on accessories, and most importantly, it provides full access to all of the ports, switches, and card slots on your GoPro HERO3. The basic package includes (1) Colbalt Cage for the GoPro HERO3, locking latch for the GoPro housing, finger-mount plate for GoPro Accessories, and Flat-mount plate for video accessories.

Redrock certainly delivered the most versatile cage in the ever-evolving line of GoPro housing systems all at a great value. Also, there is a Deluxe Accessory Kit that provides the brackets to secure the HERO3 naked inside the Cobalt Cage by top and bottom pressure mounts, rear threaded stopper, and a guiding front frame to assure that the camera is straight at all times.

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