Cablevisión Argentina deploys machine learning for personalized TV with ContentWise latest solution

ContentWise Personalization System enables Cablevisión Argentina to deploy a data-driven personalization strategy, and create a smoother TV experience for viewers

ContentWise, the personalization, discovery, analytics and metadata expert, today announced that Cablevisión Argentina (CVA) has successfully deployed  the ContentWise personalization system in Cablevisión Flow, its new suite of multiscreen television services as part of its drive to provide new, next-generation services to its customers.

ContentWise has been selected as part of a new, best-of-breed video platform, which includes the Minerva 10 multiscreen TV platform by Minerva Networks.

The Contentwise Personalization system anticipates user’s actions and facilitates discovery by sorting content based on user’s taste as well as showing trending titles popular with other subscribers with similar viewing habits.

ContentWise next-generation solution enables CVA to utilize:

  • Personalized content discovery with context-aware algorithmic and social content recommendations;
  • Automatic micro-genres, dynamically adapted to CVA Spanish offering;
  • Assisted content curation tools, including business rules providing total control to editorial and marketing teams.

ContentWise is the TV personalization software that gives broadcast, Pay TV and OTT operators total control over the curation and automation of the Personalized TV experience, providing a UX engine API that controls each user interface element across screens and apps.

ContentWise delivers the most sophisticated content discovery solution currently available due to algorithmic and social recommendations, predictive browsing and context awareness. The solution includes editorial tools that enable content programmers to achieve unprecedented control thanks to predictive performance tools, curation, dynamic streams, business rules and A/B testing. The data driven UX engine includes four critical KPI analytic sets: user activity, financials, engagement and recommendation effectiveness metrics.

“CVA customers are looking to enjoy a personalized TV experience,” said says Guillermo Paez, Cablevisión’s Product and Innovation Manager. “ContentWise expands our ability to deliver state-of-the-art personalized TV experiences, make our offering more attractive and learn about our subscribers preferences.  It is the foundation upon which we are able to continue to enhance and extend our service offering.”

“We are proud to help delivering a great entertainment experience”, said Paolo Bozzola, CEO of ContentWise. “Minerva 10 beautifully integrates with our UX automation APIs to give Cablevisión Flow an intelligent UI that reacts to user’s behavior and puts relevant content in the very first screen. The need for scrolling and browsing is minimized. Cablevisión understands that populating the screen with what’s relevant for each user leads to a shorter time-to-content, a stable frequency of return and ultimately to a higher subscriber retention. Our audience models based on machine learning also help CVA editorial and marketing teams to make better content curation and promotion decisions, leading to a powerful blend of algorithmic ranking and business priorities.”

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