CABSAT 2019: TVU Networks Introduces Cloud and AI-based solutions to MENA customers

Demonstrations include TVU MediaMind and TVU Producer

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – March 5, 2019 – TVU Networksthe global technology and innovation leader in live IP video solutions, today announces that  its AI-based TVU MediaMind,  cloud-based video production TVU Producer and Contribution Automation Solution (CAS) will make their CABSAT debuts (Stand: C4-20).

Following the success of the event in previous years, TVU Network has expanded its presence and will unveil a number of solutions, many of which are being launched in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region for the first time. Already working with a number of customers in the region including SUNA (Sudan News Agency) and ANA (Arab News Agency) with TVU Grid and Amman TV Jordan using TVU One Solutions, TVU Networks is looking forward to serving its growing customer base in the Middle East.

TVU Networks is gaining traction in the region and is looking to accelerate this through expanding its offering to MEA customers in news gathering solutions technology, remote and cloud production solutions, IP video acquisition, as well as introducing customers to our AI-based TVU MediaMind solution set,” said Kap Shin, Executive Vice President, Business Development, TVU Networks.

·      TVU MediaMind – TVU Networks will demonstrate how this AI-led set of solutions can enable broadcasters and operators to migrate seamlessly towards the ‘smart studio’ of the future, delivering ROI and efficiency benefits both now and moving forward.

·      TVU Producer – This solution is the latest addition to TVU’s family of remote production solutions, enabling anyone to do professional, multi-camera live video production without expensive hardware, software or training. Covering live events such as sports, concerts, corporate presentations, house of worship services or any other multi-camera production can be done from virtually anywhere using a simple web-browser based interface.

·      TVU Contribution Automation Solution (CAS) – As demand continues to grow for more live content for news, sports and entertainment, having a fast production process in general, streamlining the live video content acquisition and processing of live video content is becoming a necessity for most media organizations, such as TV stations. TVU CAS is able to have the entire acquisition process planned at story creation stage. In addition, all assignments are pushed to field devices, and the personnel who are involved. It will automatically execute the planned tasks, while automatically capturing Metadata and information associated with the corresponding content without human involvement.

·      TVU Transcriber – TVU Transcriber is a context-based real-time speech to text transcribing service. Using voice recognition AI technology, the service provides the option to output text to a file format from an audio input source or embed text into a video stream for closed or open captioning. TVU Transcriber is highly accurate and capable of recognizing multiple languages.

·      TVU Grid – The award-winning TVU Grid is a powerful, yet simple IP live video distribution solution that uses commodity Internet to transmit any kind of live video content to anyone and anywhere in the world. In addition, Grid allows you to send live video in real-time and simultaneously to multiple locations without needing to exponentially increase the transmission bit rate. With Grid, you can easily connect to a network of thousands of Grid-enabled broadcasters around the world and automatically share and receive video content, including sharing in a video pool feed. Grid uses software based HEVC for low latency and greater efficiency.

·      TVU One with HEVC transmitter – TVU One with HEVC cellular mobile solution uses both HEVC video compression and TVU’s patented Inverse StatMux Plus (IS+) transmission algorithm to transmit HD quality video at 3Mbps with half-second latency. By utilizing the H.265 compression standard, TVU One uses less data and generates less overhead leading to lower operational costs while delivering even greater transmission reliability. TVU One with HEVC is available with embedded modems and can transmit simultaneously over multiple connections, including cellular, microwave, satellite, BGAN, WiFi, and Ethernet.

“As production for news and events continues to move towards cloud-based production, we’re developing equipment and a support network that offers the functionality and business benefits that make a real difference to our clients in Middle East and Africa. We are enhancing our IP offerings and embracing workflow disruptive technologies. We look forward to demonstrating our cutting-edge technology for news gathering, as well as our remote production tools for live streaming at this year’s CABSAT Show,” concluded Shin.

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