Calrec at AES New York 2017

Calrec at AES New York 2017

In addition to demoing products in the AES New York exhibition, Calrec will participate in the Broadcast Audio Expo sessions. The sessions will cover audio applications for radio and TV studios, outside broadcasts, and streaming broadcast over portable devices. AES will host a special insight panel that will look into the current and future of AoIP and transport systems.

Calrec Products at AES New York 2017

Brio Compact Digital Audio Console
Calrec Audio‘s new Brio console will be showcased at AES New York. Brio is the most powerful and compact digital broadcast audio console in its class, with a comprehensive broadcast feature set that supports a wide breadth of broadcasters.

The smallest in Calrec’s Bluefin2 family, Brio features a control surface unlike any other. At only 892 mm wide, the dual-layer, 36-fader surface provides more faders in a given footprint than any other audio broadcast console.

Based on Calrec’s 20 years of digital development, Brio’s uncluttered, compact, and configurable surface gives instant access to a large number of audio paths while an intuitive 15.6-inch HD touchscreen UI provides quick access to more in-depth control. A bank of illuminating hardware rotary controls gives fast and precise control over parameters displayed in the touchscreen UI.

Brio is entirely self-contained, with analog and digital I/O and GPIO built into the surface. Additional expansion I/O slots allow for further I/O integration, and fitting an available Hydra2 module makes it possible to connect to and share audio over Calrec’s Hydra2 network.

AES New York 2017
Calrec Audio Product Preview
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Summa Audio Console
Calrec’s elegant Summa console is designed for broadcast professionals who need to produce creative and engrossing broadcast audio easily, but may not require as many resources as Calrec’s larger consoles. Control is via a 17-inch multitouch screen inspired by familiar tablet technology, with a straightforward interface that allows use of established finger gestures to navigate the system.

Summa’s considered control simplifies even complex workflow tasks, such as creating mix-minus feeds. Bluefin2 technology gives Summa a pool of 180 or 128 channel processing paths, eight groups, four mains, 16 auxes, and 32 tracks. Its Hydra2 router core provides Summa with the same integral router technology as the Apollo and Artemis consoles.


Company Quote:

“AES New York is the East Coast broadcast event of the year, and we wouldn’t miss it. We look forward to showcasing our smaller consoles, the newest being Brio, a robust and intuitive audio console perfect for trucks or any application where budget and space are limited.”
— Dave Letson, Vice President of Sales, Calrec Audio


Company Overview

Calrec Audio is exclusively dedicated to excellence in audio mixing for on-air and live production.

A broadcast specialist for more than 50 years, Calrec has developed a range of digital consoles relied on by the world’s most successful broadcasters.

For putting sound in the picture, broadcasters put their trust in Calrec. More information is available at

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Photo Caption: Calrec Audio‘s new Brio compact digital broadcast audio console

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