Calrec makes immersive mixing for live broadcast easy; free training for live mixing in Dolby Atmos® now available

Hebden Bridge, 5th May 2021 — Calrec, a leading manufacturer of audio broadcast equipment, has announced the launch of a free educational training module for mixing live broadcasts in Dolby Atmos® using the Calrec Brio console.

The need to train people on how to mix in Dolby Atmos has grown rapidly through increased demand from service providers who want to deliver their live events in Dolby Atmos. These training modules explain how to create and monitor immersive mixes with a variety of inputs quickly and easily on Calrec’s cost-effective Brio console.

Now boasting 96 full DSP channel inputs, Brio is fully loaded with dynamics and delay on every path. Comprehensive automatic downmix facilities and the way its internal router allows post-fader outputs to be quickly patched as monitor inputs, make management of immersive channels simple.

“Mixing in Dolby Atmos enables the ability to place an audio source freely within a three-dimensional environment; not only within a 5.1 or 7.1 bed, but also overhead,” said Henry Goodman, Calrec’s Director of Product Development. “Many larger consoles have features which make this easy, but assistive features on smaller desks can also help reduce the workload when it comes to NGA mixing for live broadcasts.

“For live broadcasts, all the Dolby Atmos work is done in real time in the mixing desk rather than in post-production; there are no retakes in live TV so mix engineers have to get it right the first time, as well as create additional outputs for host and international mixes, plus surround, stereo and mono versions!” said Goodman.

“The broadcast landscape has changed rapidly over the last few years with the rise of live events delivered in Dolby Atmos, which is why online training courses are more important than ever,” said Mike Babbitt, Director of Solutions Engineering at Dolby Laboratories. “It has been great to work with Calrec on this effort, which will provide additional tools and resources that the next generation of broadcast mixers will need to meet this growing demand from service providers.”

Dolby Atmos takes entertainment to the next level through immersive moving audio that has the power to draw fans closer to the action as if they’re at the event. From major worldwide live events to local sports, broadcasters and streaming services are choosing to deliver their premium entertainment in Dolby Atmos to provide the ultimate home entertainment experience for their customers. NBC has been producing leading sporting events in Dolby Atmos since 2016. In Europe, sports have been broadcasting Dolby Atmos since 2017, including all tier one football matches in the UK, as well as sports like cricket, basketball, boxing, tennis…even darts.

Stevie Kaura Jr., Senior Audio Mixer at ESPN, said, “One of the things I love about Calrec and Dolby Atmos is how easy it is to set up. With Calrec you just follow the instructions and as long as your speakers are patched correctly… hey presto! Dolby Atmos. I also love the creative freedom Dolby Atmos provides. You can take a moving graphic that has noise associated with it and go to town by flying the noise almost anywhere. Does stereo still exist after Dolby Atmos?”

Josh Daniels, Audio Mixer for NBC and the NHRA, said, “Mixing in Dolby Atmos heightens the experience of live television production. I enjoy being on the cutting edge of technology and with Dolby Atmos that’s exactly where you’re at. Mixing NHRA Drag racing has been a great experience for me and being able to do that in Dolby Atmos has given me a better appreciation for what I do. I’m trying to bring people that punch that Nitro cars deliver on every pass. Being part of creating and developing technology that pushes us to the next step is an amazing feeling.”

Training and education have never been more important. Understanding the impact of remote work and the shifting technology landscape is vital to the creatives who are responsible for bringing consumers great audio experiences. This is exactly the goal of this newly announced training course. This free training is available at and we welcome our industry partners to take advantage of this opportunity to learn about creating live broadcasts in Dolby Atmos.

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