Canon’s Revolutionary EOS R5 C Camera Powers a Unique Meditative VR Experience Featuring Rescue Kittens

Canon, in collaboration with renowned cat photographer Andrew Marttila (@iamthecatphotographer) and visionary VR content creators Hugh Hou and Keely Turner, has launched an unprecedented virtual reality (VR) meditation experience that promises both serenity and delight.

Harnessing the power of Canon‘s advanced EOS R5 C camera and its innovative Dual Fisheye Lens, the VR video takes users on a soothing journey into a pink pastel dreamscape. Here, rescue kittens frolic, play, and take restful cat naps, all accompanied by a calming guided meditation voiceover. The voiceover not only aids in relaxation but also underscores the significance of joy and play in our everyday lives, inspired by the playful and carefree nature of the kittens.

Viewing Information:

  • For a headset-free experience, the guided meditation video is available on Canon’s YouTube channel.
  • To experience the full VR effect, viewers can turn to Canon’s Meta Quest channel to watch using a headset.


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