Cantemo Launches Cantemo Portal 2.4

Stockholm, Sweden, 23rd May 2016 – Cantemo today announced the latest version of its flexible Media Asset Management solution, Cantemo Portal 2.4. The latest version includes a number of additional updates to make workflows more efficient and simpler for users.

This includes support for dynamic and static access rules within the Cantemo Rules Engine. Dynamic rules are applied only as long as the metadata rule matches the asset metadata. With static access rules, the rule is set permanently until it is changed or removed manually or by another rule. Metadata values can now be included within the rules to enable intelligent processing and movement of assets depending on those metadata values.

Cantemo Portal 2.4 also introduced enhancements to the advanced search capability, enabling inclusion or exclusion of certain NLE projects or collections when searching. This could be used to apply a group action to all items within a specific project, such as quickly archiving those assets, for example. The collections page now includes filtering by data and media type, plus drag and drop functionality for moving assets and collections into other collections.

The player within Cantemo Portal has also been enhanced, with the upper limit for fast forward and rewind now removed, and the addition of support for slow motion playback, both in forward and rewind.

Cantemo has extended its support for integration with storage methods, with Portal now able to connect with remote SFTP storage and S3 buckets.

Cantemo Portal 2.4 will be demonstrated on the NMR booth (#220) at the Media Production Show, from 9th – 10th June.

For an overview of the features in this version refer to:

About Cantemo

Cantemo was established to lead the revolution for next generation Media Asset Management. Its founders, with years of experience behind them, could see a trend emerging for the creation and use of video extending beyond traditional broadcast. This meant that the existing MAM systems would no longer meet the demands of a rapidly evolving market.

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