Cantemo Launches Portal 2.3 Latest version to be demonstrated at NAB

Stockholm, Sweden and Las Vegas, USA, 7th March 2016 – Cantemo has just launched the latest version of Cantemo Portal. It will be showcasing Portal 2.3 at NAB in April.

Cantemo Portal is a Media Asset Management solution, which helps companies of all shapes, sizes, and types, manage their video files, from creation, through editing, to distribution and archiving. The latest version includes a number of updates, all aimed at making the workflow easier and more efficient.

Cantemo Portal 2.3 includes a new generation of its Rules Engine App. Rules Engine 3 allows for custom automations and the creation of more advanced rules and workflows. Rules can include setting specific metadata, determining access control rights, or transcoding files to different formats. Rules can also determine when files should be moved or copied to different storages or even a specific directory within a storage.

Cantemo Portal 2.3 also introduces hierarchical metadata, which is a relation-based way of handling metadata, enabling filtering based on the previous value. Using the Metadata Manager, users can browse and manage all of the different fields and relations within their hierarchy and add items at any given time.

This version of Cantemo Portal also introduces support for Oracle’s DIVArchive using the Cantemo Archive Framework. This new App makes it easy to integrate Portal with its existing DIVArchive solution. Setting up the integration is quick and simple, and also gives users access to a full set of analytics and feedback about those items being archived.

Uploading assets and projects to the storage area networks can now be done via a direct file transfer at line speed, instead of web upload, making the process much faster than previously possible.

“In a constantly evolving media landscape, we recognise that our customers need to make their workflows more flexible and efficient than ever before,” commented Parham Azimi, CEO, Cantemo. “We are therefore continually updating Cantemo Portal to respond to the challenges that presents.”

Cantemo Portal 2.3 will be demonstrated on the Cantemo booth at NAB (#SL8726) from 18th – 21st April 2016.

You can view a video about Cantemo Portal 2.3 on the Cantemo Youtube channel here –



About Cantemo

 Cantemo was established to lead the revolution for next generation Media Asset Management. Its founders, with years of experience behind them, could see a trend emerging for the creation and use of video extending beyond traditional broadcast. This meant that the existing MAM systems would no longer meet the demands of a rapidly evolving market.

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