Cantemo Portal 2.0 Simplifies Media Asset Management

Stockholm, Sweden, 19 December 2014 – Cantemo has launched a new major release of its core media asset management software Cantemo Portal and Cantemo Apps.

With this new release, Cantemo is strengthening the core solution with a number of enhanced media management capabilities. It is also extending the integration layer, making it even easier for customers and partners to integrate third party software and enhance the offering.

Cantemo Portal 2.0 includes enhanced and faster search capabilities. The workflows around subclips created by Cantemo Annotation Tool have also been simplified, including search and browsing subclips, as well as the ability to access subclips within the Nonlinear Editing System (NLE).

Cantemo Portal 2.0 includes improved media source tracking, enabling users to keep a track of source media used in projects, collections, and sequences. In the new version, Cantemo Portal supports REDCODE RAW (R3D), the native video format of Red digital cameras. It is now also possible to share assets with users that do not have an account in the system.

A new dark theme User Interface, called Onyx, enhances and intensifies the asset colour appearance and complements the look of the most popular creative applications.

“At Cantemo we believe that next generation media asset management should both offer a strong core solution, whilst being flexible enough to be adapted for each individual customer,” commented Parham Azimi, CEO, Cantemo. “Not only has the media environment changed rapidly over recent years, each user has a whole host of different requirements. We have built Cantemo Portal 2.0 to better respond to those unique challenges.”

To view a video demonstration of the new features, please visit

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