Capabilities to look for in a Video Router

Capabilities to look for in a Video Router

Ensemble Designs is just releasing a brand new router that is taking this industry by storm. I was recently at a call letter station on the east coast, and what was important to them was flexibility of the inputs and outputs. They didn’t want to have to buy a large frame to simply to get a certain number of inputs or certain number of outputs. Also, they didn’t have the money for a large router in their budget. So, we talked about our new router that allows flexibility in the configuration.

Physically, our inputs and outputs can be designated as an “in” or an “out”. They are not pre-designated as “ins” or “outs”. The BNCs on our expansion cards are bi-directional, which means it is a flexible router that can be created strictly by sizes done through the software control system. This allows a lot of flexibility for today when you need a high number of inputs and a low number of outputs, and tomorrow when you might need just the reverse of that. You don’t have to buy a huge router frame and pre-designate which cards are inputs or outputs.

One of the other advantages of our system is that it allows the customer to see the video by streaming thumbnails back to the control location. Nobody else is doing this in the industry. It allows you to do a visual confirmation of the video before you take it to air. What we are telling people is, “First you see it, then you take it.”

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