Capitol Broadcasting Company and Triveni Digital Drive Television Innovation With First ATSC 3.0 Live Commercial Simulcast

PRINCETON, N.J. — June 29, 2016 — Triveni Digital today announced that it has teamed up with Capitol Broadcasting Company, owner and operator of WRAL-TV, WRAZ-TV, and WILM-TV in North Carolina, to broadcast the first live commercial ATSC 3.0 simulcast in the United States. Triveni Digital is providing the station group with several essential components including its award-winning GuideBuilder(R) XM signaling and announcement system, ROUTE encoder, and market-leading StreamScope(R) XM ATSC 3.0 analysis system, as part of a unified PSIP and ATSC 3.0 broadcast station workflow. Being the very first to demonstrate new services and media types enabled by the next-generation broadcast television system, including advanced electronic programming/service guides (EPG/ESG), in a production workflow, Triveni Digital and Capitol Broadcasting Company are lighting the path toward better television.

“Our goal is to set up a test bed to learn all we can about ATSC 3.0 and to be ready to leverage all the new functionalities that it brings,” said Pete Sockett, director of engineering and operations for WRAL TV. “Our relationship with Triveni Digital dates back to the earliest days of digital TV in the U.S., when we jointly implemented the first data broadcast system over ATSC 1.0. By partnering with Triveni Digital again, we are helping local television stations get one step closer to implementing a system that supports the wide variety of new and enhanced services.”

For the ATSC 3.0 simulcast, Capitol Broadcasting Company is using Triveni Digital‘s new GuideBuilder XM signaling and announcement system to manage metadata, streamlining the delivery of advanced EPGs/ESGs and localized, enhanced emergency alerts. In addition, Triveni Digital is supplying an integrated ROUTE encoder capable of converting multiple DASH streams into ROUTE. QoS is managed by Triveni Digital‘s StreamScope XM, which enables channel sharing broadcasters to perform detailed analysis of ATSC 3.0 streams and data structures to allow error detection, isolation, and resolution.

Triveni Digital‘s systems offer seamless integration with other ecosystem partners and will be part of a complete ATSC 3.0 broadcast workflow.

Triveni Digital has been a key developer, educator, and demonstrator of ATSC 3.0,” said Ralph Bachofen, vice president of sales and marketing at Triveni Digital. “We’re excited to work with Capitol Broadcasting Company on this next step, showing channel sharing stations how to make a seamless migration to ATSC 3.0 to start deploying the new revenue-generating features and services, while still supporting the current broadcast infrastructure during the transition phase.”

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