Carbonite Ultra And Ultritouch: The Highlight of Ross Video’s Upcoming 2020 NAB Show Exhibit


The broadcast industry is all about the content and the great productions that can result from the work of a brilliant content professional who knows how to perfectly distribute and present it within the changing landscape. Any production should reach above and beyond the expectations of the people behind it. The 2020 NAB Show is the perfect event to unite creatives of such sophisticated work. This April, Ross Video will be an exhibitor at the 2020 NAB Show where it will showcase many of its smart production solutions which include its switcher, the Carbonite Ultra, and its system & control monitoring panel, the Ultritouch.


About Ross Video



Ross Video operates as a privately held company. It designs and manufactures equipment for live event and video productions. The company’s major products include production switchers, or vision mixers, which have allowed for it to power video productions for billions of global viewers on a daily basis with the industry’s widest range of smart production solutions.

Ross Video simplifies the creation process by creating compelling news, weather/sports broadcasts, engaging material for  sports stadium screens, entertainment shows/rock concerts, educational institutions, legislative assemblies, corporate applications, and inspiring worship-based content.

The success of Ross Video can be attributed to its 28 years of consecutive growth, which goes back to when it originally began around 1974 when it was founded by John Ross. Because Ross Video has no outside influence from eternal financiers, the company maintains its own form of self-sufficient control by owning its own manufacturing facilities. Ross Video performs all of its primary research and development in-house whilst marketing its products worldwide through a global sales force and network of business partners.


Ross Video‘s Carbonite Ultra



The 2020 NAB Show is only two months away and as an exhibitor, Ross Video has a lot to show with its Carbonite Ultra, which is a production switcher that functions more powerfully than most switchers. The Carbonite Ultra uses the latest technology to distill the best of the Carbonite series into a single next-generation platform.

Several features of the Carbonite Ultra production Switcher include:

  • 1-3 Full MEs (Each ME provides a clean feed output as well as 2 advanced pattern generators for wipes, pattern masks, and color washes)
  • 4 MiniMEs (Great choice for additional dissolves and key layers)
  • Macros & Memories (An intelligent memory system and timeline macros that can make complex events as easy as a pushing a single button)
  • Media Playback (Over four fully-independent MediaStores that are each fully capable of handling key + fill media)
  • Monitoring Solution (About 4 16-window MultiViewers used for viewing up to 64 internal and external sources)
  • Included Graphics (CG graphics software provides a simple workflow for good looking still production graphics)

Learn more about Ross Video‘s Carbonite Ultra by visiting


Ross Video‘s Ultritouch



What makes Ross Video’s Ultritouch exceptional is that it is an adaptable system control panel with incredible monitoring capabilities. The Ultritouch’s panel fashioned as a shallow 2RU rack-mountable touchscreen that is powered by SmartTouch™. SmartTouch™  blends intuitive smartphone-like functionality with the customization power of DashBoard’s PanelBuilder™. Ultritouch adds a powerful new router control & monitoring option to Ross Video’s award-winning Ultrix plus a growing portfolio of licensable applications. Ultritouch also includes features like DashBoard Connect™ control of various other Ross Video products.

Additional features of Ross Video’s Ultritouch include:

  • Simple Operation (Quick control of routers, multiviewers, signal processing devices, and more from just one surface)
  • Customization (Modified panel layouts for an individual operator’s needs and styles)
  • Drawers (Maximized efficiency and space on the panel, which means more can be stored and accessed)
  • Quick Setup (Walkabout system tool allows for quick creation of system views)
  • Multiviewer Control (Provides a highly intuitive visual control for Ultriscape multiviewers)

Learn more about Ross Video‘s Ultritouch by visiting


Ross Video 2020 NAB Show Exhibit



A production is only as good as the people and the technology behind it. The work of a content professional is the basis for the inception of any production to even take place. However, the right tech and solutions need to be applied in order for a production to be presented properly, regardless of what format it is adopting. A company as sophisticated as Ross Video provides this need with its wide range of smart production solutions. Thanks to stellar production solutions like the Ultritouch and the Carbonite Ultra, Ross Video‘s exhibit will help tech and broadcast professionals attending the 2020 NAB Show how to better implement live event and video productions. The 2020 NAB Show will take place April 18-22 at the Las Vegas Convention center.

Visit the Ross Video Exhibit during the 2020 NAB Show at booth # SL1205.

For more information, visit


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