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Production Assistant, Media Desk


As a service desk to both Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network and dotcom entities, the Media Desk is looking to hire a Production Assistant.

A candidate for this entry-level position should have a desire to understand the workings of both the technical aspects of digital media and the editorial judgment in a TV newsroom. Good communication skills and a positive attitude are a must.

– Attaching editorial meta-data (text information) to large volumes of incoming daily video.
– Providing shot-by-shot logs for video specifically selected for permanent archive.
– Fast typing skills – ability to transcribe important speeches in breaking news situations.
– Using video hardware to ingest physical media into a digital system. (understanding correct aspect ratio and monitoring quality control standards with correct video and levels)
– Understanding digital video file formats, file conversion, file play-out and file transfer (FTP).
– Understanding web video, streaming video, social media, Skype, etc.
– Basic desktop editing.
– Knowledge of current events.

Candidate should also be a quick learner and eager to advance. BA in Broadcasting, Journalism or Communications degree preferred.

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