The Career Navigator: How to Work a Career Fair-Part Four-Follow Up by Pamela Kleibrink Thompson

The Career Navigator: How to Work a Career Fair-Part Four-Follow Up

By Pamela Kleibrink Thompson, Career Navigator,

 This is the fourth in a series of articles about how to prepare for and what to expect at the Career Fair at the NAB Show on April 9. The Career Fair gives you an opportunity to make face-to-face connections with potential employers. Here are tips on how to get the most from your time at the NAB Show Career Fair Besides the seminars which I mentioned in another article, you should plan on spending some time meeting with a number of companies which will be featured at the largest career fair in the broadcast industry. Companies attending include Arizona State University, Beasley Broadcast Group, B&H, Calkins Media, Cesar Chavez Foundation, Disney ABC Television Group, DKKD Staffing, ESPN, FAMU, Gannett Co., HSN, Journal Broadcast Group/KTNV-TV, KSNV (Southern Nevada Communications), Lotus Broadcasting, Lynda Jean Booth, NABET-CWA, Napoli Management Group, NEP Broadcasting LLC, Nevada Broadcasters Association, Oregon Association of Broadcasters, Production Hub, Radionomy, Royal Caribbean International, Stagecraft Institute of Las Vegas, Temple University, TopLine Matters, Turner Broadcasting System, Univision Radio KISF KRGT, Veteran Resource Center, WLPO/WAJK/WLWF, WURN and WLVJ AM South Florida.

What You Can Expect After the Job Fair

“I gave them my reel. I haven’t heard anything and it’s been two weeks already.” It may take several months after a big conference for the reviewers to get through the hundreds or thousands of reels they’ll receive during the show. That’s why it is a good idea to send your reel to employers two or three months before a big job fair or conference so they can review your reel under the best conditions. Don’t expect to hear from an employer unless he wants to interview you. If anyone does take the time to give feedback, listen, take notes and thank him profusely for taking the extra effort to help you.


You have to stand out from those thousands of other applicants they met at the job fair. Organize those business cards you received at the NAB Career Fair and send written thank you notes to those you met. With a stamp. Via post. When was the last time you got anything in the mail that was a note or letter and not a bill or advertisement? That is one way to stand out. If there was someone you particularly want to get to know better, invite him or her to join your network on Linkedin. If you know something about the person’s interests or desires, send articles or book suggestions that might be intriguing or entertaining. Stay in touch and build a relationship.

Most applicants never do any follow-up after the fair, but if you discover a company that interests you, stay in contact with them periodically and send an updated résumé and reel every six months. Continue to express an interest in the company and try to set up a time for an interview. Relationships that begin at career fairs can last for years and build your career.

The Career Fair at the NAB Show is April 9 from 10 am to 3 pm. The Career Fair is at the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, Pavilion, 3000 Paradise Road, Las Vegas. (Self parking is free). The Las Vegas Hotel is directly adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Center and offers access to the Skywalk Bridge.

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Pamela Kleibrink Thompson is an internationally-acclaimed recruiter, career coach and animation veteran (production manager on The Simpsons, ink and paint supervisor on Paramount's animated feature Bebe's Kids.) Pamela is a popular speaker at colleges, film festivals and entertainment industry conferences around the world.She has presented courses at SIGGRAPH in San Diego, Boston, and Los Angeles; was the commencement speaker at Art Institute of Tampa, and taught the Career Realities course at Gnomon School of Visual Effects.Pamela was named one of the Top Ten Recruiters by Animation Magazine and has worked with clients around the world such as Disney Feature Animation, Technicolor in Beijing, Framestore in London, and Lucas Animation in Singapore.She has written for over 80 publications including Computer Graphics, Animation Magazine, U.S. Art, Media History Digest, Apple Directions, Art Business News, Idaho Arts Quarterly, and Animation World Network.
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