Caringo’s Swarm Hybrid Cloud Object Storage Platform Now Integrated with Reach Engine by Levels Beyond and Microsoft Azure


Caringo recently announced the integration of its Swarm Hybrid Cloud Object Storage Platform with Reach Engine by Levels Beyond intelligent content platform and to Microsoft Azure.

The seamless integration with Reach Engine is designed to power a new era of content creation and curation by ensuring digital assets are instantly available on-demand while securely tracking, preserving, and rapidly scaling the asset library. Additionally, the availability of Caringo Swarm Hybrid Cloud for Microsoft Azure allows the company’s customers to replicate files from S3, NFS, and HDFS to Azure in the Azure native Blob format. By seamlessly converting files from an S3 object, Caringo object, Azure Blob or NFS accessible file, users can send files to Azure for analysis, protection and long-term archive.

Mobile access and Video-on-Demand are rapidly changing the speed with which content producers create and deliver digital assets to an ever-growing variety of consumption points, where convenience is key. The storage system must respond to preserve these digital assets by rapidly expanding to keep pace with content creation while delivering each asset with the speed and variety required by on-demand consumption. Caringo Swarm integration with Reach Engine powers a new era of content creation and curation, while future-proofing digital asset workflow storage and access for these rapidly scaling asset libraries.

“Reach Engine’s ability to enable smart, secure, elastic cloud services in sync with media workflow and supply chain automation fits seamlessly with Caringo Swarm’s ability to intelligently manage the cloud storage pool for content delivery and post-production workflows,” said Caringo VP of Product Tony Barbagallo. “This tight workflow integration allows our mutual customers to spend more time focused on providing quality content to their viewers instead of managing processes and infrastructure.” Adding to Barbagallo’s comments, Art Raymond, CEO of Levels Beyond noted, “The power of Reach Engine lies in how it scales and maps to each business. Caringo Swarm’s ability to provide infinite expansion across multi-vendor, local, and cloud-based storage addresses the specific challenge of connecting on prem and cloud storage for our customers.”

In a similar vein, most organizations are quickly outgrowing their traditional network attached storage (NAS) and storage area network (SAN) devices and data growth continues to outpace storage resources and strain budgets. Organizations need to combine the security of a private cloud with the efficiency and additional services of a public cloud. Caringo Swarm Hybrid Cloud for Microsoft Azure provides the flexibility and agility to execute computing tasks, while keeping the most vital components behind your company’s firewall.

“The rate of innovation happening with the value-added compute service by Microsoft along with the sheer magnitude of the underlying infrastructure are operational benefits an organization cannot replicate within their own data center,” said Jonathan Ring, Caringo CEO and Co-founder. “Swarm Hybrid Cloud for Microsoft Azure allows users to benefit from these services while also using Azure for Disaster Recovery.” Tad Brockway, General Manager of Azure Storage, Microsoft Corporation added, “In typical hybrid cloud gateway solutions, files move to Microsoft Azure in an opaque form, either unusable to Azure compute services or inaccessible from other protocols. The Caringo solution transfers files ingested via S3 or NFS to Azure in native Blob format so users benefit from the power of Azure compute services, data-protection, and long-term archives.”

Caringo Swarm Hybrid Cloud Object Storage is the foundation for simple, bulletproof, limitless storage solutions across several verticals, including M&E, HPC, Financial, Insurance and Government. By integrating with Azure Blob storage, Caringo delivers a complete hybrid cloud solution that offers the best of on-premises and cloud-based storage to use Azure compute services, as well as data protection, disaster recovery, and long-term archive.”

For more information about Swarm’s integration with Reach Engine or Microsoft Azure, see or

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