Cartesian’s Testing Demonstrates the Effectiveness of the GeoGuard Solution at Detecting the use of VPNs and DNS Proxies

GeoGuard today announces that the effectiveness of its enhanced geo-filtering solution GeoShield has been rigorously tested by Cartesian (NASDAQ: CRTN), the recognized leader for premium movie and sports content security solution auditing and anti-piracy consulting.The testing process demonstrated the reliability and accuracy of GeoGuard’s identification of the use of VPNs, DNS proxies and browser plug-ins to obfuscate a user’s geographical location. GeoGuard protects digital content rights holders against the threat of users gaining illicit access to media by ‘spoofing’ their location.

Geo-location fraud is proving a popular and easy way for consumers to gain illicit access to content, with 60% of VPN users accessing content via their VPN every day. GeoGuard was founded this year to address the growing need for dependable solutions that are able to detect and protect against geo-location circumvention methods. The geo-filtering solution GeoGuard offers is based on technology developed for the geo-protection of the iGaming industry. In order to validate the reliability of its product to detect geo-location fraud, GeoGuard commissioned Cartesian to test the effectiveness of its solution to identify circumvention mechanisms.

David Briggs, Co-founder and Chairman of GeoGuard states: “Content piracy is a huge issue worldwide and the use of VPNs and DNS proxies are enabling people to easily overcome digital rights and pirate content on a daily basis. As the stakes are so high for content owners and OTT providers, it has become increasingly important for companies offering geo-location fraud detection solutions to evidence the quality and reliability of their software. Cartesian’s third-party testing process confirms to customers just how effective we are at pinpointing geo-location fraud to protect content owners and OTT providers from these increasingly prevalent threats online.”

“Using circumvention methods to bypass geo-filtering is a serious issue in the battle to protect content distribution rights in the media industry,” adds Brian Paxton, Head of Security at Cartesian.  “As a trusted independent third party, we test and audit the security robustness of content protection solutions. Over the last two years we have seen a significant uptake of our geo-filtering circumvention detection and blocking effectiveness testing by rights owners, distributors, and detection vendors, as increased scrutiny is being placed on content rights remaining within their licensed territories.”

The results of the test along with the methodology and test parameters that were used are available for view from GeoGuard.

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