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Cartoni introduces the Red Lock System


A new line of aggressively priced camera supports available in 3 different payload and fluid head configurations

Rome, Italy (March 2, 2020) – Cartoni, the Italian leader in premium camera supports for the broadcast, film, and pro-video industries, is pleased to introduce three new systems of aggressively-priced professional camera supports designed for camera operators on the go. The new Red Lock System builds upon the legacy of the Focus family by offering a premium solution for camera operators working in news, film, documentaries, wildlife, and more. The Systems provide ultra-smooth panning and tilting movements for consistently high-quality content.

Cartoni’s Focus line of fluid heads has a reputation for being ultra-smooth and long-lasting.  Award-winning Italian cinematographer Alex D’Emilia has trusted the Focus 8 for once in a lifetime shots in some of the world’s most extreme conditions, from the Amazon jungle to the Indian mountaintops of Kangchenjunga (8570m), the third-highest mountain on earth where temperatures often dipped below -30 degrees Celsius. “For almost three years, I have never left my Focus 8 at home, and it is now part of my equipment in every adventure. In 2018, I had the pleasure of spending five weeks at Kanchenjunga base camp. I chose the Focus 8 because it is for me the right limit between stability (also using long lenses like the 400mm) and lightness. From the moment I have started using it, the Focus 8 has never failed me,” explains D’Emilia.

The three systems are Focus 8, (with a payload capacity of 8Kg) Focus 10 (11Kg) and Focus 12 (12Kg). The Red Lock Systems feature the trusted performance of the Focus fluid head system combined with the speed and lightweight of the new Red Lock tripod. Launched with the Red Lock Systems, the Focus 10 is the latest addition to the Cartoni Focus family, a robust fluid head that can handle payloads of 11kg featuring the patented Cartoni counterbalance and drag systems.

The sleek Red Lock Tripod has ergonomically-designed, user-friendly red lock levers that allow you to set up quickly.  Unlike other budget-friendly systems, the Red Lock System also features Cartoni’s patented Smart Lock Mid-Level Spreader. Dual extendable sections enable the tripod legs to spread wide for super low shots and folds up in a moment without binding of the legs for fast transport.

Award-winning Italian Director of Photography & filmmaker Marco Kuveiller tested the new Focus 10 at Rome’s world-famous Cinecittà Studios. “Over the years, I’ve owned several Cartoni heads as the Beta, Delta, C20 and I was surprised by the performance of this new FOCUS 10 Red Lock system. It’s lightweight and sturdy, but above all, what I love about it, whether I’m using a Sony A7S an Alexa Mini or my fully rigged EVA 1, is the accurate counterbalance and the smooth drag systems. Great for diagonal shots. What I liked about the new sleek ergonomic Red Lock 2 stage Tripod was its versatility in low mode and ease of use: really user-friendly, fast to set-up and fold into the new red-trimmed bag. So elegant, yet sturdy and well balanced on the shoulder. Cartoni, you’ve done it again!” 

Lightweight, fast, and robust, the three new Cartoni Systems are one of the most affordable packages on the market without compromising quality and performance. The best option for most broadcast and digital cinema cameras on the market today. For more information, visit inside.cartoni.com/red-lock-system/ and to see the Red Lock System visit Cartoni at NAB 2020 at booth C9120, use code LV6935 for free registration.


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