single-frame watermarking,single-frame forensic watermarking,forensic watermarking,watermarking
single-frame watermarking,single-frame forensic watermarking,forensic watermarking,watermarking


castLabs unveils single-frame forensic watermarking technology to safeguard digital content

castLabs, a trailblazer in digital content security, is poised to disrupt the content protection market with its revolutionary single-frame forensic watermarking technology. This cutting-edge solution embeds hidden information within each frame of a video or other digital assets such as static images and documents. Then, it retrieves it with a single picture, offering unparalleled authentication, copyright protection, and content leak tracking capabilities.

Unlike existing forensic watermarking technologies, castLabs’ single-frame solution enables users to extract concealed data from just an image of a single video frame rather than tens of seconds of footage. Content owners can now retrieve hidden information from their digital assets, be it a video, concept art, design, or script, using a smartphone picture or screenshot of the content.

The technology’s algorithm is resistant to numerous image distortions and attacks including camcording, HDCP stripping, collusion, and screencasting. Single-frame watermarking can be applied across all media and use cases, embedding marks almost imperceptible to the untrained eye that are adjustable based on desired robustness levels.

“For years, the content protection industry has grappled with the challenge of retrieving watermark information efficiently and effectively. With our single-frame forensic watermarking solution, we’ve shattered that barrier.” said Michael Stattman, co-founder of castLabs. “We’re incredibly proud to offer a game-changing technology that can extract watermark information with even just one phone camera photo of a video playing, even if the frame is distorted or partially blocked. This breakthrough not only provides content owners and rights holders with an extra layer of security but also sets a new standard in content protection. We’re empowering them to easily safeguard their intellectual property, protect their monetization models, and enforce their rights in the digital landscape.” added Stattman.

This novel approach marks a milestone not only in the fight against leaks and the ever-evolving piracy industry but also against the rise of deep fakes. Companies that stand to benefit include media and entertainment ventures, news outlets, government agencies, software and video game development firms, and publishing and educational platforms combating piracy and unauthorized content reproduction.

For more information about the solution, please visit or contact You can also view a demo in action at IBC 2023 in Amsterdam at castLabs’ booth 5.G55.

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