CatDV Next-Generation MAM Systems Satisfy The Need for Speed and Scale at IBC 2015 (7.J15C)

Square Box Systems (, leading developer of digital media asset management (DAM/MAM) systems, will launch an array of next-generation products during IBC 2015 (Hall 7.J15C) that accelerate collaborative media asset management operations and empower small, medium and large-scale enterprises to repurpose and monetize millions of assets with ease and efficiency. Square Box Systems will also showcase CatDV Archive To Cloud, a new capability enabling users to archive their assets to cloud-based services directly from CatDV.

Launching at IBC 2015 are: CatDV’s Advanced Panel 2.1 for Adobe® Premier® Pro CC, supporting mixed Windows/Mac editorial environments, and full round-trip metadata; plus CatDV Web 2.1, a major update to the company’s popular web client, featuring intuitive, browser-based tools for non-technical users.

Square Box Systems has also added an array of new functions to its workflow workhorse systems – Worker 6.1, Server 7 and Pegasus Server – supporting the deployment of CatDV systems in enterprise-scale MAM operations by large and multi-national organisations.

Also on show will be North Shore Automation’s Akomi distribution MAM, the simple web portal for secure sharing of assets from CatDV systems to wide audiences of non-technical users.

CatDV Advanced Panel 2.1 for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

CatDV MAM with special Adobe panel
CatDV MAM with special Adobe panel

The brand new CatDV Advanced Premiere Panel 2.1 for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, supports seamless MAM experiences for Adobe artists working in mixed Windows/Mac environments. The addition of true, round-trip metadata – allowing metadata to be edited within CatDV and/or Adobe Premiere Pro CC ­– delivers even more power for content producers and Adobe artists to collaborate together as they search, preview, track and manage media assets during editorial.

Also on show will be CatDV Advanced Panels for Adobe Anywhere, adding CatDV media management power to Adobe Anywhere real-time collaborative platform.

CatDV Web 2.1

For non-technical MAM users, such as producers, marketeers and company executives, the new Web 2.1 delivers a fresh, modern, browser interface with intuitive tools for powerful asset management. New features include custom skins and operational configurations for individual users, improved touch-screen interactivity on PDAs, new tools for clip collections, filters, timed/expiring web links and approval workflows, plus flexible licensing options.

CatDV Worker 6.1, Server 7 & Pegasus Server

Square Box Systems has added an array of functions to its workflow workhorse systems to further develop CatDV as a compelling option for large-scale, enterprise MAM users and the efficient management of huge volumes of assets.

CatDV Worker 6.1, the company’s new workflow/automation engine, delivers accelerated performance and is easier to deploy. Along with 64-bit and Yosemite support, new capabilities include faster batch processing, FFMPEG for transcodes and proxies, and quicker update of CatDV from other systems (DRM, storage systems) with automated XML2 and .CDV file import.

Delivering even more firepower for collaborative enterprise deployments, CatDV Server 7 allows browser-based administration and configuration, and features centralised path mapping, more efficient search tools, and flexible metadata across production groups for added security.

The Pegasus Server adds Oracle and Microsoft SQL support, enables rapid, Google-style searches across millions of assets, and has additional security configurations, plus sophisticated asset usage analytics and reporting.

CatDV with Akomi Distribution MAM

Square Box is the exclusive worldwide sales partner for North Shore Automation’s Akomi distribution MAM. Akomi is fully-compatible with CatDV systems, and accessible via browsers, leading tablets and cell phones. A new image module, supporting the management and distribution of stills, will be shown.

CatDV Archive To Cloud

In response to customer demand to leverage cloud services in their MAM operations, Square Box Systems will showcase CatDV Archive To Cloud. This new feature enables the archival of media assets, and associated metadata, to popular cloud services directly from CatDV. CatDV Archive To Cloud will be shown working with Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), the online file storage web service offered by Amazon Web Services.

About Square Box Systems: Square Box Systems is a privately-owned UK software company, specialising in media asset management and production workflow. Its popular CatDV application, launched in 2001, brings order to the chaos of media file management and enables content owners to more easily re-purpose and monetize their assets, via a powerful, user-friendly toolset and streamlined integration with a multitude of media workflow vendors. CatDV systems run on Mac and Windows platforms and are scalable from a single-user application to multi-user enterprise solutions, with convenient web and cloud-based capabilities. In 2012, Square Box Systems was awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Innovation, conferred by HM Queen Elizabeth II. CatDV has also won Creative Cow’s Blue Ribbon in 2010 for Best Asset Management Tool, and Videography Magazine’s Best Of NAB 2010 Vidy Award. CatDV is sold globally through a network of distributors and resellers providing local installation, consultancy and support.

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