CatDV Targets Large-Scale Enterprise MAM Users At NAB 2015 (SL5025)

CatDV delivers $1m MAM performance, but without the hefty price tag

Square Box Systems (, leading developer of digital media asset management (DAM/MAM) systems, will target its CatDV MAM systems at large-scale, multi-national enterprises during NAB 2015 at booth #SL5025. Since launching over 14 years ago CatDV’s features have matured to encompass a harmonious balance of advanced MAM automation and metadata management capabilities, whilst remaining easy-to-operate and cost-effective, attracting thousands of customers across a wide variety of market sectors.

With new products and services being unveiled at NAB 2015, the CatDV product line is now perfectly poised to enable larger-scale enterprises to efficiently share, archive and repurpose millions of media assets – inside and beyond their organisations – at a highly-competitive price point.

“CatDV delivers $1m MAM performance, but without the hefty price tag,” said Dave Clack CEO of Square Box Systems. “As a vendor partner for large-scale deployments, Square Box Systems is a stable and financially secure company, with a market-proven product family that continues to advance through vigorous R&D, and customer training and support available as needed. With simple scalability, seamless integration to many third party products, plus security and ease-of-use, CatDV now presents a powerful and a highly cost-effective alternative to more expensive MAM systems on the market.”

Targeting enterprise, international and consumer-facing MAM deployments, the latest CatDV products directly address key aspects of scalability, security and robustness, reporting and analytics, integration and flexible asset distribution. Added to this, the launch of CatDV Professional Services enables CatDV to become the heart of MAM systems.

CatDV11 is fully cross-platform across Mac, Windows and Linux, delivers a formidable core MAM feature-set, and has tight integration with popular NLE systems. It plays the wide range of professional formats without transcoding, provides powerful search, browse, logging and tagging capabilities, and is renowned for managing significant volumes of assets and associated metadata. With “point and click” configuration, users can easily customise their CatDV systems, metadata, user-interface, security and automation tasks.

Focusing on scalability, millions of assets can be be efficiently managed via the combination of the new CatDV Worker Node 6 automation engine, the powerful new Server 7 network-based collaborative workflow server, plus bespoke implementations via CatDV Professional Services. The latest CatDV Web 2 tools further support international, distributed deployments at web scale. Additional options for executives and external stakeholders open even further when CatDV is paired with the Akomi distribution MAM as the front-end interface.

Addressing security and robustness, CatDV Professional Services delivers a range of options for customers to enhance asset protection and optimise performance. For demanding environments Worker 6 can be deployed to copy subsets of media and metadata to other CatDV servers, databases can be mirrored, clustered and replicated, and the workload can be efficiently balanced.

The brand new CatDV Pegasus server option adds a wealth of reporting options that enable sophisticated media usage and search analytics, helping customers to understand how their media is being found and used.

Unlike other asset management tools, CatDV is optimised for integration and extensibility, and does not force its workflow onto customers. CatDV has several proven and accessible APIs that make integration with other systems easy. These include Java, web services / REST, XML and Command Line Interfaces (CLI).

Furthermore, Square Box has systematically expanded the number of technology integrations – with popular live production, media ingest, NLE software and hardware, as well as SAN/NAS storage, archive and content distribution systems – that form the bedrock of effective media asset management.

“CatDV supports end-to-end media requirements whatever the scale of the enterprise,” said Clack. “CatDV 11 is production-oriented, CatDV Web 2 shares assets company-wide, whilst CatDV with Akomi distributes media securely to the very edges of the enterprise and beyond. The workhorse CatDV Worker Node is easily tailored for different MAM environments and workflows. With tailored Professional Services maximising implementation, plus reliable global support, CatDV makes for a compelling, cost-effective contender for large-scale enterprises looking to manage and repurpose their media assets.”

About Square Box Systems: Square Box Systems is a privately-owned UK software company, specialising in media asset management and production workflow. Its popular CatDV application, launched in 2001, brings order to the chaos of media file management and enables content owners to more easily re-purpose and monetize their assets, via a powerful, user-friendly toolset and streamlined integration with a multitude of media workflow vendors. CatDV systems run on Mac and Windows platforms and are scalable from a single-user application to multi-user enterprise solutions, with convenient web and cloud-based capabilities. In 2012, Square Box Systems was awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Innovation, conferred by HM Queen Elizabeth II. CatDV has also won Creative Cow’s Blue Ribbon in 2010 for Best Asset Management Tool, and Videography Magazine’s Best Of NAB 2010 Vidy Award. CatDV is sold globally through a network of distributors and resellers providing local installation, consultancy and support.

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