CEntrance Launches MixerFace Podcast

MixerFace offers podcasters professional sound quality without sacrificing portability 

Chicago, ILApril 30, 2019 — CEntrance launched a new podcast today to showcase its MixerFace mobile mixer + recorder. MixerFace has transformed audio content creation for Video, Podcasting, and Live streaming. To demonstrate its utility and convenience for portable podcasting, CEntrance started its own podcast series, using the MixerFace.

The new Podcast is hosted by Michael Goodman, company founder and industry innovator, and features interviews with notable figures in the world of audio. Michael has had the pleasure of making many friends during his years of design work for over 100 audio brands, and this gives his guests an opportunity to share fascinating stories. In the first series of podcasts we speak with Scott Thunes, bass player with Frank Zappa, The Waterboys, and Fear, CJ Vanston, composer, producer, and musical director for Spinal Tap and Toto, and Don Lewis, legendary musician, educator, and inventor. Visit the CEntrance podcast page:

“MixerFace lets me stay in the conversation. It makes podcasting intuitive,” said Michael Goodman, CEntrance CEO. “When recording yourself, you have to wear two hats: You are a recording talent and a recording engineer at once. With MixerFace’s one-touch recording and tactile knobs, I feel less like an engineer and more like on-air talent. And since I travel a lot, MixerFace lets me interview people remotely.”

Michael Goodman at NAB
Michael Goodman recording a podcast with CEntrance MixerFace at NAB

The new podcast is part of a re-designed website, where CEntrance features tech notes explaining how to use MixerFace for Podcasting, Live streaming, YouTube-ing, and audio recording.

MixerFace is a passport-sized, 4-input audio mixer that records to your smartphone, the built-in SD card recorder, or even both, for redundancy. A combination of Mobile Mixer, Recorder, and USB Audio Interface, it features professional sound quality and a rechargeable battery that lasts 8 hours. MixerFace includes CEntrance’s Jasmine™ Mic Preamps, which feature lower noise and higher gain, and adds a high-pass filter to remove low-frequency rumble in noisy environments.

Endorsed by touring artists, MixerFace is the ideal mixer and recorder for working remotely or in the studio. Famous musicians use it to record album tracks. Top Voice-over actors use it to record on-air spots and promos. Radio stations use it to record interviews. Houses of Worship use it to stream music services on Facebook and Instagram. Traveling Podcasters use it to record all over the world.

MixerFace comes in three models. R4 retails for $349. USD (shipping now), R4R adds a built-in SD card recorder, $449. USD (shipping now), R4B adds a pair of XY mics and SD recorder, $499. USD (shipping in Q2 2019).

Discover more about CEntrance MixerFace here:


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