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Any good content a creative develops always needs a proper presentation. The broadcast professionals attending the 2020 NAB Show all have ideas, and some are better than others. However, how they deliver and monetize their content is what determines the outcome of their brand’s outreach and success, and that’s when an industry pro like GatesAir comes into the picture. This April, the 2020 NAB Show will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center where over 90,000 broadcast professionals will attend as part of an effort of innovative collaboration. GatesAir will be an exhibitor at the 2020 NAB Show where it will showcase the same market-leading solutions and products like their new IP Connect, and even the Intrapplex Ascent, which earned it the 2019 NAB Show product of the year award.


About GatesAir



The broadcast industry is filled with an ocean of innovative creatives. Each of these unique individuals strives to produce some of the most high-quality content out there in the market, and oftentimes, that requires a unique array of methods. As an electronics manufacturer, GatesAir offers the industry’s broadest portfolio to wirelessly deliver and monetize content. The company produces, markets and services terrestrial TV/radio broadcast equipment on a global scale. In fact, their exclusive focus on the over-the-air market helps broadcasters optimize present-day services while allowing them to prepare for future revenue-generating business opportunities. This includes the industry’s most energy-efficient TV and Radio transmitters, which support all standards with a low total cost of ownership.

GatesAir’s solutions include their Intraplex line. The company’s Intraplex solutions provide broadcasters with bandwidth-rich solutions that allow them to move content over IP networks, with visibility into stream and network performance. GatesAir continues to innovate robust and reliable solutions for traditional RF STL connections that can also accommodate IP traffic. In larger transmitter networks, simulcasting technology ensures all GatesAir transmitters are time-locked for synchronous, over-the-air content delivery.


Intraplex® IPConnect


GatesAir’s solutions are unique, and that is further encapsulated in its newest product, the Intraplex® IPConnect. The IPConnect works as an IP networking gateway solution for the fortification of mission-critical communication across wide area networks. This Intraplex solution solves the problem of reliable transport across complex networks that are known for suffering data loss through dropped packets.

The Intraplex IPConnect provides an added layer of reliability for many types of IP traffic, which include:

  • HD Radio
  • DAB/DAB+
  • DRM

This is accomplished through the combination of packet protection schemes with network/time diversity and packet-level forward error correction. Alongside this, the IPConnect can bridge local area network (LAN) segments across wide-area networks by using seamless tunneling to enhance the reliability of program and signal transport across large geographical regions with multiple receiving and transmitting sites.

The Intraplex IPConnect uses three network interfaces which allows its data gateway to provide extra protection through packet encapsulation, which further encloses external IP data packets in a GatesAir protocol wrapper as it moves across IP networks. The IPConnect provides this protection for studio-generated data, as well as IP data from external sources. The IPConnect also leverages the strengths of previous IP Link codecs, which include GatesAir’s patented Dynamic Stream Splicing (DSS) technology to mitigate IP packet loss, eliminate off-air time, and optimize stream reliability.


The Main Features Of The IP Connect Include:

  • Data encapsulation of user UDP and IP packets
  • 12 transmit/receive tunnel streams
  • Multicast, Unicast, Multi-unicast tunnel streams
  • Dynamic Stream Splicing (DSS) that provides packet duplication technology across one or more network connections
  • Programmable time delay for DSS Time Diversity for combating burst packet losses on a network
  • Programmable packet-level Forward Error Correction (FEC) schemes
  • Network bandwidth verification
  • Optional redundant power supply
  • An integration with Intraplex LiveLook (Network Analytics and Monitoring software)
  • N+1 redundancy with automatic failover
  • Web browser user interface and SNMP network management
  • Stream authentication that ensures that the packets are arriving from the correct source
  • A built-in Layer 3 and Layer 4 Firewall on each network interface

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About GatesAir 2020 NAB Show Exhibit




If there is one event that perfectly highlights the importance of content distribution/monetization, then it is the 2020 NAB Show. This event gathers the greatest minds within the broadcast industry, and with broadcast supporting exhibitors like GatesAir, it further expands the scope of the broadcast industry. Creatives and the content they make ultimately enrich the variety and artistic depth of the broadcast industry. However, their presentation and distribution enable greater and more sufficient growth. GatesAir has and continues to help provide the broadcast industry with the essential tools that enabled professionals to further distribute and monetize their content for greater outreach. The 2020 NAB show will take place April 18-22. Register now and visit the GatesAir exhibit during the 2020 NAB show at booth # N3403.

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