Check Out Telemetrics’ Track Systems And Roving Pedestals At Upcoming 2020 NAB Show


Television wouldn’t have been a possibility without the use of a camera or that of the flexible film role by George Eastman. Since 1889, both television and the camera have undergone a major change in the ways they are incorporated in an entertainment/broadcast format. The perfect place to witness such sophisticated advancement is none other than the Telemetrics exhibit at the 2020 NAB Show. This April at the Las Vegas Convention center, Telemetrics will showcase many of its television broadcast robotics products, which will include its line of track systems and roving pedestals. This will be a great learning opportunity for the broadcast and technology professionals attending the 2020 NAB Show who will no doubt gain greater knowledge and wisdom into how they can create better and more technologically successful television productions.


About Telemetrics



For those unfamiliar with Telemetrics, the company’s roots go back nearly five decades. Since its inception in 1973, Telemetrics has revolutionized television camera control by developing Triax cable. The company also develops innovative camera control systems that are used in the studio, legislative, military, and education markets.

Back in 1979, Telemtrics started designing, manufacturing as well as supporting its own camera robotics systems, and ceiling/floor camera track systems in 1981. In the present day, the company offers incredible products such as:

  • The Robotic Roving Platform OmniGlide™
  • Robotic Camera Control Panels
  • S5 line of Pan/Tilt heads
  • The Televator™
  • Ceiling/floor-mounted TeleGlide™ track systems

This diverse inventory of products shows just how Telemetrics is committed to making the most reliable, durable, and dependable television broadcast robotics ecosystem in the world, which amounts to a collection of products that can be built on for decades rather than simply a period of years.


Telemetrics’ Track Systems And Roving Pedestals



The Telemetrics track systems and roving pedestals offer a series of smooth, as well as vibration-free camera moves that provide a customer with more noticeable productions that will keep viewers engaged and wanting more. Telemetrics’ engineering keeps a customer on the right track no matter how they want to use their custom-designed systems, which can range from curved and straight rails.
Several products from TeleGlide®and CTS family include:
  • The OmniGlide (RRP-1): The device’s unique orbital system offers motion without limits, which provides ultra-smooth and continual motion through direction changes along curved paths.
  • Teleglide (TG-4): Made to accommodate curve track requirements for television studios, conference rooms, sports and house of worship applications. It also features floor tracks with smooth transitions between sections with built-in leveling capability.
  • Teleglide (TG-4M): Offers flexible configurations of straight, C, S or L-shaped tracks; floor or ceiling mount; 32-bit velocity and positional accuracy, while also featuring position encoding for smooth acceleration and deceleration along with precise repeatability.
  • Camera Track System (CTS): Provides smooth operating variable speed and accurate servo motor control to support all types of operations.

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About 2020 NAB Show



Television has played a major role in the broadcast industry, as does the technology that enables it to go beyond its standard conventions. Telemetrics’ dedication to creating television broadcast robotics ecosystems shows how vast the technological scope of the format has evolved over time. Devices from Telemetrics such as the OmniGlide and the Camera Track System help properly illustrate how much flexibility and innovation can be incorporated into not just the sophistication of a television production but also the revolutionary aspects it can adopt as these devices overcome limitations a user might’ve felt were restricting towards the more aesthetically oriented part of their production. Having a high-quality camera is great, but finding new ways of how to use and better enhance its function is why Telemetrics is a pioneer of innovative camera control systems. The 2020 NAB Show will take place on April 18-22. Register now and visit the Telemetrics exhibit during the 2020 NAB Show at booth # C8320.

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