Check Out Z3 Technology’s Z3Cam-4K™ – H.265 4K IP Camera This Upcoming 2020 NAB Show



Everyone in the broadcast industry has a unique talent to help shape the brand that markets the many voices within it. Whether a creative’s field of specialty ranges from content creation, technology, or media entertainment, the one thing a broadcast professional needs, is a good camera. Z3 Technology is known for having a stellar line of cameras, and plenty that will be showcased at this year’s 2020 NAB Show at Las Vegas. With over 90,000 broadcast pro’s from all over the globe gathering for what is surely the global media event of the year, there is sure to be plenty of excitement, innovation, and just overall great lines of tech to be discovered at the 2020 NAB Show where Z3 Technology will serve as an exhibitor.


About Z3 Technology



For all the broadcast professionals, especially the tech geeks wanting to find the best cameras their eyes can lay on, should have no trouble finding the high-quality cameras Z3 Technology has to offer. Z3 Technology is a USA-based manufacturer of H.265/HEVC and H.264 video encoding and decoding solutions. The company features ready-to-use ZEUS Video Encoders and Decoders such as the new Z3Dome-4K H.265 IP camera, the OEM Production-Ready Modules, and the new Z3Cam-4K™ H.265 IP cameras. Plenty of solutions within Z3 Technology will meet the needs of their customer base, and that level of efficiency comes from the fact that the company has proven itself to be an industry leader with a long history of excelling in the development of video-on-module systems and high-quality cameras, and the Z3Cam-4K™ H.265 IP perfectly illustrates this level of sophistication.


Z3 Technology’s Z3Cam-4K™ – H.265 4K IP Camera



Z3 Technology’s development process keeps the customer in mind, and their camera solutions bring them the latest video compression technology, which helps solve the problem of too much bandwidth that high-quality cameras often encounter. In the case of the Z3Cam-4K™ – H.265 4K IP camera, there is no exception.

The Z3Cam-4K™ – H.265 4K IP camera’s unique capability lies in its ability to provide 4K Ultra-HD video streaming over Gigabit Ethernet networks. This camera combines video compression expertise from Z3 Technology with Sony’s proven 4K camera technology, which provides the highest quality image at the lowest bandwidth, latency, and power. This robust system brings clarity and detail to high movement and low light conditions while featuring 20x zoom with integrated autofocus. Video-quality of this type of clarity is perfect when it comes to virtual reality imaging, high detail data analytics, broadcast, medical, surveillance and more. Z3 Technology encourages customers to upgrade to 4K that way they can expand their reach with the Z3Cam-4K.

Additional features of Z3 Technology’s Z3Cam-4K™ – H.265 4K IP camera include factors such as:

  • Real-Time 4K Video Streaming
  • Stream 4K and HD resolutions
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Supports Sony VISCA™ camera control over IP
  • ONVIF® Profile S compliant
  • Extreme Flexibility
  • No distance limitations

Z3 Technology’s Z3Cam-4K™ – H.265 4K IP camera is just one of the many cameras in their product line that helps provide customers with the highest quality broadcast equipment possible.

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About The 2020 NAB Show



The 2020 NAB Show is just two months away, and exhibitors like Z3 Technology show both the importance as well as the sophistication that makes this the ultimate media event of the year. Now, having a large gathering of attendees is one thing, but having a grand inventory of exhibitors is another. Z3 Technology is just one of many exhibitors, which ultimately proves the growth and innovation the broadcast industry exemplifies in its current state. It also demonstrates how much further it can go when cameras such as the Z3Cam-4K™ – H.265 4K IP are showcased to broadcast professionals who go beyond the realm of tech junkies, into the domain of passionate enthusiasts looking to not only expand their creative outreach, but also the outreach of the very industry they live on and contribute to as a result of their aspiring desire to reach customers.

Visit Z3 Technology’s exhibit during the 2020 NAB Show at booth # SU9204.

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