ChyronHego at IBC2018

News and Weather

At IBC2018, ChyronHego will preview CAMIO 4.5, the next release of the company’s industry-leading graphic asset management solution, with key features designed to make producer-driven news workflows even more versatile, flexible, and cost-effective. CAMIO 4.5 enhancements include a powerful new render engine; the ability to publish content straight from the newsroom to social media; and the latest version of LUCI5, the HTML5 plugin for fulfillment interface.

Metacast 2.6

Also being showcased at IBC2018 is Metacast 2.6ChyronHego’s professional weather graphics solution that is fully integrated with the CAMIO Universe. Powerful new features include advanced animations for all layers, including weather model layers, and simplified application setup. Users will now be able to edit palettes in Celsius or Fahrenheit when raw values are Kelvin. In addition, Metacast also includes new playout tools that make efficient use of the keyboard for queuing and taking graphics to air.

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Image Caption: ChyronHego Metacast 2.6

Sports Technology

At IBC2018, ChyronHego will highlight updates to its Virtual Placement solution — the industry’s most sophisticated tool for incorporating striking virtual graphics into any live broadcast — including support for 4K recording and playout; enhanced real-time data integration with the company’s industry-leading sports tracking solutions, TRACAB and ZXY; and integration with third-party, real-time-data sources. Virtual Placement also now includes improvements to the scene tracking technology to factor in motion blur, an especially beneficial feature for horse racing.

ChyronHego will also showcase Paint 7.4, the company’s award-winning telestration and analysis solution for sports broadcasting. Version 7.4 includes full 4K support including built-in recording in 4K, as well as new IP capabilities including support for HTTP H.264 live IP stream recording. Also joining Paint’s existing integration with EVS slow-motion replay servers is an all-new integration with the LiveTouch replay system from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand. The new version of Paint also includes new automatic player-tracking capabilities that remove the need for key framing — making the telestration solution fastest to air — and tools for publishing content directly to social media.

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Image Caption: ChyronHego Virtual Placement

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Image Caption: ChyronHego Paint 7.4

Live Production

ChyronHego will highlight its family of augmented reality (AR) graphics and virtual set solutions, including the Neon and Plutonium virtual studio and robotic camera tracking solutions. Version 5 of Plutonium is ChyronHego’s top-of-the-line virtual set tracking system, and Neon version 4 is an all-in-one, trackless virtual set solution for creating highly compelling virtual sets.  At IBC2018, ChyronHego will demonstrate a new, HTML5-based control panel for Neon and Plutonium based on the company’s Live Assist Panels platform, as well as new integrations of the software with industry-leading gaming engines such as Unreal from Epic Games. In addition, both solutions are now fully integrated with the CAMIO Universe for News Production.

In another boost for live production, ChyronHego will unveil the newest version of the Live Assist Panels user interface and control panel creation tool. The Live Assist Panels platform leverages the latest multiuser web technologies to enable creation of custom-designed user interfaces for control of any ChyronHego product, and it also supports a growing range of protocols used by ChyronHego and by other leading industry vendors. Live Assist Panels now features a new macro manager that enables customers to create sophisticated actions without the need for advanced scripting.

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Image Caption: ChyronHego Live Assist Panels

Stadium and In-Venue Production

At IBC2018, ChyronHego will unveil version 3.2 of Click Effects PRIME — the company’s highly integrated, turnkey graphics-authoring solution for live arena- and stadium-based A/V presentations — with key new features including integrated perimeter tracking using ChyronHego’s TRACAB optical sports tracking solution. Click Effects PRIME also includes support for an expanded number of playout channels in an SDI workflow and an all-new HDR clip player. In addition, ChyronHego will showcase integrated PRIME authoring using PRIME Designer, expanded HD-SDI inputs in an HD-SDI workflow, HD-SDI inputs added to the DVI workflow, and HDR output for 4K productions.

Broadcast Graphics

At IBC2018, ChyronHego will showcase LyricX 3.4, a new release of the company’s industry-leading LyricX graphics creation and playout solution. Adopted by more broadcast outlets around the globe than any other graphics solution, LyricX leverages 64-bit architecture to offer unequaled creative freedom, seamless interoperability, and advanced 3D object rendering. LyricX 3.4 now includes support for DNxHD and GTC, with a new GTC clip player and clip workflow tools such as a GTC clip converter and the new PRIME Folder watcher.

Also on display will be PRIME Graphics 3.1, the next version of ChyronHego’s universal graphics platform. Driven by ChyronHego’s powerful rendering engine, PRIME Graphics 3.1 addresses five mission-critical use cases within a single, easy-to-use 4K- and IP-ready graphics design and playout platform: ChyronHego’s renowned character generator; a powerful clip player, a video wall solution, a graphics-driven touch-screen platform, and a branding solution. PRIME Graphics 3.1 includes support for the SMPTE ST 2110 standard, and now includes HDR-enabled 16-bit color, which allows the platform to deliver 10-bit HDR output in the customer’s choice of HLG or S-Log3 formats. Other new capabilities include support for ChyronHego’s new INTELLICOMMADER™ Keyboard for Lyric, a new “fast recall” feature, a true HDR canvas, and a new “base scene” workflow concept.

Company Quote:

“Our industry is continuing to transform at a dramatic pace. Broadcast customers need to create greater quantities of compelling content than ever before. At ChyronHego, we help our customers to visualize live data so that they can create content that engages and entertains their viewers wherever they may be.

“With our all-software portfolio of solutions, such as the CAMIO Universe for News Production, our customers can further increase the engagement to their brands while managing the challenges of making content readily available to both linear and digital consumption platforms – allowing new levels of flexibility and scalability that simply isn’t possible with hardware-based workflows.

“Also, with the adoption of key industry standards, such as SMPTE-2110, many of our customers are well down the path of migrating their facilities to all-IT operations.

“At IBC2018, we’re looking forward to presenting our latest innovations for live production, sports data, and analysis including in-venue production, as well as news and workflow — giving broadcasters all the tools they need to tell compelling stories and grab the widest-possible audience share.”

Marco Lopez, ChyronHego CEO

Company Overview

ChyronHego, a portfolio company of Vector Capital, is a global leader in products, services, and solutions for the broadcast and sports industries. Specializing in live television, news, and sports production, ChyronHego offers some of the industry’s most widely deployed solutions — including Lyric®, the world’s most popular broadcast graphics creation and playout offering; the all-new CAMIO Universe newsroom workflow; and the TRACAB™ optical sports tracking system. Headquartered in New York, ChyronHego also has offices in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

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