ChyronHego Introduces Live Assist Panels Platform

MELVILLE, N.Y. — April 21, 2017 — At the 2017 NAB Show, ChyronHego will demonstrate the Live Assist Panels platform — an all-new user interface and control panel creation tool in the company’s Live Assist playout automation system family. The Live Assist Panels platform leverages the latest multiuser web technologies to enable creation of custom-designed user interfaces for control of any ChyronHego product, and it also supports a growing range of protocols used by ChyronHego and by other leading industry vendors.

In addition, the Live Assist Panels platform offers ultra-low-latency video previews that allow for creating multiple, individually configured multiviewers and distributing them over standard IP networks. Live Assist Panels run in browser environments, so it is completely platform-agnostic and usable over secure internet connections.

“Our new Live Assist Panels platform is ideal in any live broadcast environment, such as live sports and stadium production, as well as corporate and enterprise environments, government organizations, and houses of worship,” said Johan Apel, president and CEO of ChyronHego. “Unlike some competing products, the Live Assist Panels platform is designed from the ground up to empower even nontechnical users to build tailored playout workflows. Whether you’re a hardcore broadcast technician or a hardcore fan of what is being broadcast, you can broadcast live video content in a controlled manner with individualized tools to match your skill set.”

The software-based Live Assist Panels platform includes a built-in scripting engine featuring IntelliSense, code completion, and coding hints that make it easy for users to build highly advanced interaction into their custom user interfaces. The panels themselves can be authored within Live Assist Panels simply by dragging and dropping a range of pre-defined widgets such as drop-down menus, pushbuttons, input boxes, and sliders. Panels can also be designed in Adobe Photoshop and imported directly into Live Assist Panels. Visual commands for triggering LyricX graphic playout, shuttles to control playback speed of a Paint “illustrated replay,” or sliders to control audio levels of an external sound board are all examples of what users can easily add to a Live Assist Panel.

Live Assist Panels are ideal for in-stadium production. With a Live Assist Panel controlling ChyronHego‘s stadium production tools, including LyricX, ClickEffects PRIME, and Live Compositor, as well as production tools from other leading vendors, users can trigger advanced animations on multiple ClickEffects-powered LED screens. They can execute multilayered video effects in Live Compositor, update LyricX graphics, and much more, all with a single button click.

Live Assist Panels can control multiple devices from a single user interface, but their versatility doesn’t stop there. Since Live Assist Panels are based on modern, easily scalable multiuser technology, the workflow can transform seamlessly from a single operator controlling multiple devices to multiple users controlling and accessing multiple devices.

In addition, the Live Assist Panels ecosystem offers an optional hardware interface that enables users to connect to IP or baseband video sources for adding ultra-low-latency video previews to the panels. Any panel can use any video stream at any given time, allowing users to work collectively across a number of completely tailor-made and fully interactive multiviewers.

At the 2017 NAB Show, ChyronHego will feature several demonstrations of Live Assist Panels controlling a range of the company’s solutions. Demonstrations will include control of a full stadium production workflow, multiple scoring applications, a wireless multiviewer for on-air talent preview, and graphics control interfaces for a legislature and a corporate video production.

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