Ciena – An Introduction to Excellence

Ciena Corporation is a US-based global vendor of telecom networking devices, software and services that support the shipment and transport of voice, video clip and information solutions. Its products are used in telecom networks run by numerous telecommunication companies, cable operators, governments and enterprises. The company was started in 1992 and is based in Hanover, Maryland.

Ciena Overview

With over 20 years of technology management, Ciena provides a strong commitment towards consumer satisfaction. Actually, the company technique, as the network specialist, is structured to aid its customers to take full advantage of its network solutions.

Ciena markets their services and products across four sectors: Converged Packet Optical, Packet Networking, Optical Transport, and also Software & Services. Current platforms include the 6500 Packet-Optical Platform, 5430 Reconfigurable Switching System, Core Director Multiservice Optical Switch, family of around 3000 service distribution switches, and also the 4200 Advanced Services Platform. It likewise offers one incorporated network and solution management software application suite, consulting and assistance solutions, implementation solutions, upkeep and support solutions, spares and also logistics management.

What makes Ciena different from its competitors

Pioneering technology, programmable systems, consumer engagement, affection coupled with understanding – Ciena’s dedication to technology affects lives around the globe and opens up new possibilities for customers.  But there is a whole lot more that you don’t know about Ciena and what makes it the leader in worldwide network solutions – please read on!

Ciena’s methods are rooted in 3 core ideas


Ciena undergoes every partnership with openness, responsibility, and also an understanding that customers count on as a continuum, earned over the long-term. They partner with their customers to co-create a joint road ahead for the company and their networks, with the plans to carry out change optimizing both.

Concentration on true core proficiencies

Ciena has stayed real to the concept of deepness over width. They believe that field of knowledge is the only method to make the best industry-leading innovation, so they stick to true core competencies and are also focused on creating brand-new methods in the making of networks, due to the brand-new specifications of an on-demand setting.

Customer-inspired technology

Their inspiration to introduce new products & solutions comes straight from the characteristics of each customer’s business as well as networking demands. Ciena holds nearly 2,000 licenses, adding to the success of greater than 1,000 of the globe’s biggest, most trustworthy networks.

Ciena’s architectural ideology

Architectural demands are developing that, in turn, drive performance and individual experience. Ciena believes that the on-demand experience requires a network that leverages open software application control to transform capacity to ability. They’ve used their experience to create OPn®, an ecosystem-based architecture created for the on-demand experience, called by user applications and the information-powered speed required by drivers to move to on-demand business designs.

Customized options for an affordable advantage

Ciena’s profile is made for both business as well as network adjustment. They provide the industry’s most programmable packet-optical and Ethernet systems along with robust network control and also application software for the emerging open ecosystem. Their detailed professional services help their clients optimize their network assets and accomplish their critical company objectives.

Ciena’s Environmental Management

Ciena is eco-minded. When choosing a place for establishing a new branch, a large amount importance is given to the environmental safety. Ciena targets those builders and site developers who incorporate environment-friendly structure methods.

Power administration is a crucial element in their overall strategy. Tracking of lighting, HVAC, water, as well as power usage patterns is done continuously by their facility administration, with attention to keeping it adjusted to lower the environmental impact.

Relations with their Employees

Labor Standards

Ciena operates in full conformity with the workplace specifications required by the International Labor Organization (ILO), as well as all specifications mandated by every country where branches are situated. Ciena locations implement stringent work environment policies on moral actions, along with office safety and security, supplying regular training sessions to sustain adherence to the policies.

Diversity as well as Inclusion

Ciena values the diversity of their labor force and respects its workers as individuals, despite their race, nationality, religion, sex-related alignment, gender, or age.

Recognition as well as Rewards

Ciena’s society always appreciates their awesome employees. Ciena employees are inspired, well-trained, disciplined, equipped, and trustworthy. They even give rewards to their staff members who maintain their cultural worth with SPOT awards from supervisors and also peer acknowledgment programs such as their Applause eCard Program.

Expert Development

Ciena is committed to their employees’ specialist growth and also job development. They offer multiple training opportunities on site and encourage their staff members to seek post-secondary education with a charitable tuition reimbursement benefit, which covers laboratory costs, tuition fee, publications, and products up to an annual maximum for every nation of home.

Health and Wellness

For Ciena, a staff member’s body as well as mental health is of paramount relevance. As one of their benefits, Ciena offers stress reduction/stress management resources such as their Employee Assistance Program, and it holds supervisors liable for keeping an eye on staff member anxiety levels, taking actions to resolve workload inequality, as well as making sure staff members take the vacation and holiday time they have gained throughout the year.

Ciena’s Products & Solutions

As per the demands and requirements of their clients, Ciena has successfully created a large range of products & solutions to offer.

Products offered:

  • Ciena Agility’s automated SDN and NFV based products
  • Packet Networking
  • Converged Packet Optical products
  • WDM transport products
  • Client Specialist services

Solutions Offered:

  • Agility Matrix solution
  • Agility Software defined networking solution
  • Network monetization & modernization
  • Mobile Backhaul
  • Data Center interconnect solutions
  • Private optical network
  • Digital video transportation
  • Packet networking
  • Cloud networking
  • Branch office Networking
  • E-health Networking
  • Network Encryption
  • Ultra-low Latency Solution
  • Collaborative Networking
  • Go Mesh Networking and many more.
Ciena’s mobile FutureLab

Ciena’s Awards and Recognitions

Ciena has won numerous awards in past years, including this year, as they surpass the competition with three major awards to date:

  • CRN 2015 Partner Program Guide : Ciena’s BizConnect program awarded 5 on 5 stars
  • Lightwave Innovation Awards 2015 : Ciena’s 8700 Packet wave Platform received 4.5 on 5 stars
  • Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards 2015: Ciena’s 8700 Packet wave Platform awarded Product of the Year.

Apart from the above awards, Ciena is being recognized by lots of Industry’s Insiders, including:

  • Optical Network Hardware Vendor Scorecard, June 2015 saying: “Ciena is the number one optical supplier and leader in market momentum.”
  • Ovum Data Center Interconnect Market Share, April 2015, depicting that “Ciena is the number one global market share leader for the total Data Center Interconnect market.”

About Ciena

Ciena (NYSE: CIEN) is the network specialist. We collaborate with customers worldwide to unlock the strategic potential of their networks and fundamentally change the way they perform and compete. Ciena leverages its deep expertise in packet and optical networking and distributed software automation to deliver solutions in alignment with its OPn architecture for next-generation networks. We enable a high-scale, programmable infrastructure that can be controlled and adapted by network-level applications, and provide open interfaces to coordinate computing, storage and network resources in a unified, virtualized environment. For updates on Ciena news, follow us on Twitter @Ciena or on LinkedIn Investors are encouraged to review the Investors section of our website at, where we routinely post press releases, SEC filings, recent news, financial results, and other announcements.

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