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CINEDIGM Commits to Supporting Families by Offering Their Most Popular Digital Networks Free for 60 Days


Additional Free Channel Viewing Options Now Available to more than 85 Million US Smart TV & Set-top Box Consumers amidst 185% surge in Viewership

LOS ANGELES, March 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In light of the millions of impacted families across America, Cinedigm (NASDAQ: CIDM) today announced that effective immediately, the company will be offering new customers a 60 day free trial for its flagship streaming services: CONtv, a genre and fandom movie service with over 10,000 film, television and digital comic book titles, as well as The Dove Channel, a family entertainment streaming service with thousands of uplifting titles families can enjoy together to lift their spirits. This offer, combined with the broadened availability of Cinedigm’s seven live linear and ad-supported networks, is designed to help meet the rapidly rising demand on Cinedigm’s OTT services, which have seen total viewership surge an estimated 185% over the last week.

Customers can secure their access for each channel at the following links:


With such a diverse library of movies and TV shows, it may be hard to narrow down what to watch. Thankfully our viewers have let us know some of their favorites. On the Dove Channel, family favorites that are bold, inspiring and educational include Babar, A Turtle’s Tale, Heartland, Highway to Heaven, and Zapped, among others.

CONtv film and television favorites include Highlander: The Movie, Behaving Badly, The Collector and more. The CONtv comics collection features thousands of issues including Bloodshot, Locke & Keye, Transformers, Battlestar Galactica and more.

Additional Channel Options

For families that want to access free, ad-supported content with no credit card use required, Cinedigm offers seven additional 24/7 streaming channels broadly available to more than 85M smart TVs and set-top boxes (available platforms in parentheses):

  • Comedy Dynamics – amazing stand-up comedy specials (Samsung TV+, Roku, Xumo, Redbox)
  • Bambu – The best in Chinese language genre films and series (Vizio WatchFree, Distro TV)
  • CONtv Channel – a free, limited, linear version of our genre movie subscription service (Samsung TV+, Roku, Sling, Dish, Comcast, Redbox, Vizio)
  • Dove Channel – a free, limited, linear version of our family subscription service (Samsung TV+, Roku, Sling, Dish, Comcast, Redbox, Vizio)
  • Docurama – a free, limited linear version of our documentary film streaming service (Samsung TV+, Roku, Sling, Dish, Comcast, Redbox)
  • Hallypop – Featuring the best of south Asian music, culture and K-Pop entertainment (Samsung TV+, Vizio, Stirr, Xumo)
  • CombatGo – Features combat sports and mixed martial arts competitions from around the globe (Roku, Stirr, Xumo)
  • New Channels will be announced in the coming weeks in this category.

“With millions of American families sheltering at home, our mission of entertaining and bringing joy to families has never been more important,” says Erick Opeka, President of Cinedigm Digital Networks. “We have seen demand for our streaming services surge considerably in the last week alone and we remain fully focused on expending reach and launching new streaming services to meet that demand – especially those with limited or even no entertainment budget.”


Since inception, Cinedigm (NASDAQ: CIDM) has been a leader at the forefront of the digital transformation of content distribution. Adapting to the rapidly transforming business needs of today’s entertainment landscape, Cinedigm remains a change-centric player focused on providing content, channels and services to the world’s largest media, technology and retail companies. Cinedigm’s Content and Networks groups provide original and aggregated programming, channels and services that entertain consumers globally across hundreds of millions of devices. For more information, visit www.cinedigm.com.

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