Cinegy Air PRO 8K totally optimized for the cloud

NAB 2019, 8-11 April, Booth SL8716:  Cinegy, the global leader for broadcast playout software in the cloud, has announced that Cinegy® Air PRO 8K™ playout has been optimized to be easily scalable both locally and in the cloud, enabling everything from automatic infrastructure creation to complete and orderly destruction to be achieved through easily manageable code.

Cinegy Air PRO 8K’s highly-optimized GPU pipeline technology enables 8K operations – or alternatively 4 UHD or 16 HD channels – to be run on affordable mid-size servers or AWS or Azure GPU-equipped cloud instances that would be impossible to achieve solely with CPU technology.

With Cinegy Air PRO 8K, GPU use is not limited to character generation and branding. It is also used for decoding, scaling, color space conversion, mixing, effects, and finally encoding when the result is output as stream. This makes it the most scalable solution available.

“We have learned a lot about cloud playout that most others have yet to encounter,” said Cinegy Head of Product Management, Lewis Kirkaldie. “That is, in part, why we’ve already moved to 8K, not only in playout, but across our product range.

“We’ve applied what we’ve learned in ways that benefit Cinegy customers by integrating Cinegy Air PRO 8K with infrastructure-as-code software Terraform as well as visualization and analysis tools such as Grafana and Elasticsearch, plus Cinegy’s proprietary deployment tools and agents. These integral components are what differentiate Cinegy Air PRO from just being another app in the cloud to being a powerful tool for creating and managing an entire global playout center in less than an hour.”

Cinegy is one of the first, if not the first, proponents of complete IP- and software-based playout solutions. The company’s vision of moving an entire broadcast facility into the cloud is steadily becoming reality, primarily because Cinegy has discovered how to do it cost efficiently while still being scalable to genuinely deliver on the initial promise.

Cinegy CTO Jan Weigner added, “Our developers have done outstanding work to accelerate our media engine pipeline even further by utilizing the latest advances in GPU technology, which has helped to drive the optimization of Cinegy Air PRO. As a result, Cinegy customers can now easily run four times the number channels on our software in the cloud that they could only three or four years ago.”
All Cinegy products can handle mixed SD, HD, 4K/UHD and, now 8K formats, as well as address the challenges of HDR. All new Cinegy products will be available to ship at NAB 2019.


About Cinegy
Cinegy develops software solutions for collaborative workflow encompassing IP, capture, editing and playout services tools, integrated into an active archive for full digital asset management. Either SaaS, virtualizable stacks, cloud or on-premises, Cinegy is COTS using standard IT hardware, and non-proprietary storage technology. Cinegy products are reliable, affordable, scalable, easily deployable and intuitive. Cinegy is truly Software Defined Television. Visit for more details.

Cinegy PR Contact:
Jennie Marwick-Evans
Manor Marketing
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