Cinegy Launches Cinegy Capture PRO Version 10 at NAB 2015

MUNICH, Germany 12 March 2015 – Cinegy, which develops and produces software technology for digital video processing, asset management, video compression and automation and playout, today announced that at NAB 2015 it will launch Cinegy Capture PRO Version 10, its latest network appliance software for real-time ingest.

Cinegy Capture PRO unifies the task of ingesting material and generating edit or web proxies through Cinegy’s centralized capture control services so that anyone in a workgroup can control the ingest process.

Version 10 features multicam ingest, flexible recording, support for UHD formats and live previews with PPM and VANC indicators.

A group-recording control panel in Cinegy Capture PRO enables it to be used as a multicam ingest tool for synchronous multichannel recording studios, OB vans and live events. Live cameras, VTR or IP streams can be combined in a single application.

Cinegy Capture PRO Version 10 also makes ingest a flexible, yet reliable resource that can be shared with anyone requiring access. With extensive video format support and simultaneous ability to create multiple formats and proxy copies, Capture PRO replaces separate ingest and transcode machines.

The built-in ability to encode video frames once before wrapping into MXF and FCP-compatible MOV files delivers new levels of flexibility to mixed-environment productions. Support for writing to local and network storage at the same time also helps users to cope with unexpected situations without losing material because the remote control client is free to connect and disconnect while recording carries on uninterrupted.

Cinegy Capture PRO Version 10 will allow multiple versions such as AVID proxies, reduced quality distributables and downconverted files to be generated on-the-fly to a single process, which means that operators have access to exactly what they need the instant they have finished recording. However, if they can’t wait that long, a ‘split’ button on Cinegy Capture PRO Version 10 can separate the recording into sections without losing a single frame, which is essential for long or automated reality recording sessions.

Cinegy Head of Product Management Lewis Kirkaldie said, “The idea behind Cinegy Capture PRO Version 10 is at once simple, and revolutionary. Single or multiple instances of Capture PRO can be installed as a self-starting service on a commodity server or standard PC and be configured to work with specified video hardware or IP streams. Once started, each Cinegy Capture PRO service simply announces itself to the network, where it is controlled via a powerful Windows control application. That application includes the same embedded Cinegy technology for IP stream multicast that delivers broadcast-quality, real-time feedback streams for instantaneous review of what is being received. It couldn’t be simpler, or smarter.”

Cinegy Capture PRO Version 10 also includes a scalable Cinegy Capture Control panel application that enables operators to build a hassle-free workspace that is best suited to their particular job. It provides simultaneous control of multiple Cinegy Capture PRO engines from multiple servers, with real-time previews of all streams with PPM and VANC indicators.

Kirkaldie adds, “The Cinegy Capture Control panel that comes as part of Capture PRO really does provide all the benefits of remote working with absolutely no compromise on performance or functionality.”

Cinegy will showcase Cinegy Capture PRO Version 10 at NAB Show 2015 on Booth SL11116.

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