Cinegy on what to look for at IBC2018

Stand 7.AO1, IBC2018, RAI, Amsterdam:  Cinegy today announced that its channel-in-the-cloud solution highlighting Cinegy Multiviewer will be among the products on show at IBC2018, with Cinegy Professional Service also being unveiled during the show.

Cinegy Head of Product Management Lewis Kirkaldie offered his insights prior to the show.

“I anticipate IBC2018 being the start of a consolidation cycle. A huge amount of change has taken place in the industry over the last couple of years and I believe it’s time to pause, take a breath, and determine how best to solidify disrupters like 4K, HDR, and IP and devise plans to get them, if not into the mainstream, then into reliable large-scale deployments.”

As such, Cinegy believes smart customers will seek technologies that are directly and demonstrably appropriate for what they want to do rather than gamble on nebulous, one-technology-fits-all offerings.

For its part, Cinegy has established itself as the agnostic enabler for whatever broadcast, production, or delivery facilities need to make what they want to do achievable.

An example of this is Cinegy Capture PRO for the acquisition and transcode process. It unifies the tasks of ingest and edit or web proxy generation in all popular formats and containers, which provides the cost benefits of streamlined ingest that can be controlled by any authorised person in a workgroup.

One highly targeted offering that Cinegy will showcase at IBC2018 is the introduction of Cinegy Platform One with XenData, a 2RU integrated MAM and storage server highly optimised for video applications with a high-end range of preinstalled Cinegy software that is ready for configuration.

As Kirkaldie explains, “For many organisations, the sheer volume of video files creates considerable challenges associated with storing, organising, finding and reusing their media assets. The conventional approach is to install shared disk storage, a Media Asset Management (MAM) server, and an archive server, all of which brings their own challenges when it comes to getting these components to work harmoniously. Cinegy Platform One integrates all these of elements on a single, powerful server.”

IBC2018 will see Cinegy’s Channel-in-the-Cloud solution available on both AWS and Azure platforms. The solution is an integrated software-only playout suite for SD, HD and/or Ultra HD (4K) that vastly streamlines a broadcast automation front-end. Also included is Cinegy’s acclaimed Multiviewer which in addition to enabling broadcasters and production houses to monitor streams from satellites, camera feeds, playout devices and other sources locally and remotely, it also includes a powerful analysis and alert system that instantly detects signal problems and triggers alerts. New in v14 Cinegy Multiviewer is support for NewTek NDI, meaning customers can now monitor various SDI and major IP standards from a single product.

Cinegy Managing Director Daniella Weigner said, “The Cinegy software and, now, hardware products being showcased at IBC2018 are extremely functional and, as ever, highly affordable. We look forward to demonstrating how customers worldwide can benefit from the ideas and experience that infuse our entire product range.”

The brand new Cinegy Platform One with XenData, other Cinegy products and Cinegy Professional Services can be discussed at IBC2018 on Stand 7.AO1 from 14-18 September in Amsterdam.

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