Cinemartin, the team that develops the leading conversion / transcoding encoders for Microsoft Windows O. Systems (Cinemartin Cinec) as well as plugins for Adobe Premiere and After Effects (Plin PR, Plin AE), Master Bundle solutions, the advanced & high effective fast standalone Video Denoiser, MyBD: the Blu-ray converter / decoder, the X-Y adjustable universal 15mm baseplate and as well as the 4K portable palm-size 4K Recorder – Monitor – Computer; NEXT 4K, now is proud to announce a joint venture collaboration with NVIDIA Corp. to provide World Fastest H.265 Encoder platform software based for NVidia GPU’s.

Cinemartin joined NVIDIA in the form of a cooperation team in order to create P-Mod (P-Module), a Paralelism Module designed to work with NVIDIA Graphics cards to allow customers the ability to encode videos to H.265 at 100X the speed of current CPU based solutions (100 times faster) reaching 2X (2 times) the speed of realtime for 4K encodings and 7X realtime for 1080p FullHD.

NVIDIA Maxwell 2nd gen to be able to provide realtime 4K HEVC conversions

NNVIDIA GForce and QUADRO users will be able to convert videos to last generation HEVC H.265 codec at world fastest speeds*, just convert a 7 minutes FullHD video to HEVC in only 1 minute, or convert 1 minute of 4K to H.265 in just 30 seconds.

P-Mod uses NVIDIA GPU’s to provide 100X faster encoding speeds than CPU based solutions.

Differentiating with others, while the competitors offering realtime H.265 conversions requires or sell the solution as a expensive Hardware based systems, Cinemartin HEVC H.265 NVIDIA encoding solution (providing Prores conversions as well as other pro. codecs) will be delivered as a software license solution, providing twice the performance of its hardware competitors, and with the only requeriment of the customer to have any of the last (this 2015 year) NVIDIA Maxwell 2nd gen cards; 960, 970, 980, 980TI, Titan X, and QUADRO M4000, M5000, M6000 series, at much affordable cost compared to Hardware H.265 encoding vendors.

Cinemartin will release more info, videos and demo / tryouts of the app/module. P-Module will be available as a purchase option for existing Cinec 4.X customers. P-Mod and Cinec 4.5 will be released last 4th quarter of 2015 providing some new enhancements and features.

Watch the P-Module preview tech including sample footage conversions.
See hands-on faster than realtime conversion

UPDATE: Over 5.000 plays at youtube from last 24 hours.

*Cinemartin claims they reach and provide World Fastest Speed in transcoding to H.265 for a solution based on any Computer system with any NVIDIA Maxwell 2nd gen card in a Windows PC computer with provided Cinemartin Software (Cinemartin Cinec + Cinemartin P-Mod 1.0)

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