Cineo and CueScript Make Lighting Talent Easy with Custom Matchstix™ Bracket

LAS VEGAS, APRIL 24, 2017Cineo Lighting (NAB Booth C9945), a leader in the production of lighting systems for the motion picture, television and photography industries, has collaborated with CueScript (NAB Booth C10618) on custom brackets for CueScript teleprompters that allow the easy, highly adjustable, wobble-free mounting of Cineo’s versatile Matchstix™ color-accurate light source.

CueScript is officially unveiling its package of custom brackets for Matchstix at NAB 2017 with several configurations of prompter-mounted units on display. Matchstix is a series of small, Remote Phosphor color-accurate light sources that are available in 3-,  6-, and 12-inch lengths and are 35 mm wide. The brackets, which CueScript engineered in conjunction with Cineo, are designed to work with the standard cold-shoe slot located on the back side of all Matchstix.

Cineo_CueScript_Matchstix on Teleprompter_1

“In many productions, the lighting director looks to add a small amount of light on the talent to help eliminate shadows and enhance the appearance of their eyes,” says Michael Accardi, president of CueScript. “However, the location of the light and its relation to the talent’s line of vision is crucial. Our new brackets allow Matchstix to be mounted on the side of the on-air monitors in a clean, rigid set-up. We have designed it so we use Cineo’s mounting system to allow the lights to slide in place and lock down in optimal locations with no wobble, no screws and no drilling. The brackets are designed to be adjustable for any angle, and are versatile enough to be used on hoods.”

Cineo_CueScript_Matchstix on Teleprompter_2

Rich Pierceall, CEO of Cineo Lighting, says that Matchstix lights are commonly used in several high-profile studio settings, including NBC, MSNBC and Fox, where they are attached to studio cameras. The development of the brackets was in response to a real industry need. The new brackets from CueScript allow crews to easily configure a system that supports the Matchstix on the studio camera teleprompter and allows the proper amount of light to shine on the talent.

Cineo_CueScript_Brackets on Matchstix

“What makes this system unique is the custom mounting that ties our Matchstix in with the whole CueScript teleprompter system,” says Pierceall. “This is an exclusive opportunity to work with a teleprompter manufacturer to provide a product that will make it easier for broadcast professionals to control the lighting on talent who are reading teleprompters in any kind of studio environment.”

Accardi added the new custom brackets improve on the ad-hoc light mounting sometimes deployed in studio situations. “CueScript always tries to look at the bigger picture,” says Accardi. “Now everybody’s happy. The customer has the high-quality lighting they want with no wobble, and the talent looks good. We’re glad to go the extra mile to ensure lighting is perfect for each situation, and Cineo’s Matchstix is the perfect light to do it with.”

About Cineo Lighting

Cineo Lighting, LLC was founded to produce the highest quality lighting systems available for the motion picture, television, and photography industries. By pioneering cutting-edge technologies, Cineo creates high-output, compact light sources for image capture, in all power ranges, which exceed the capabilities of traditional lighting tools. For more information, please visit

About CueScript

CueScript was founded in 2014 with a remit to develop a range of exciting prompting solutions based on the needs of the customer. With over 50 years of collective prompting experience yet unfettered by legacy systems to support, CueScript is in the unique position to combine old-school values with the latest technology to create innovative prompting solutions for today’s broadcast environment.

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