Cineo Lighting Brings Quantum120 to Light at IBC 2016

AMSTERDAM, SEPTEMBER 1, 2016 – Quantum120Cineo Lighting, a leader in the production of lighting systems available for the motion picture, television and photography industries, will be previewing its Quantum120 color tunable fixture at IBC 2016 (Stand 12.D39).

“The Quantum120’s substantial size with its lightweight design makes it one of the most unique products on the market,” says Rich Pierceall, CEO, Cineo Lighting. “We look forward to previewing this new fixture to both our existing and potential new customers at IBC 2016.”

The Quantum120 presented a new challenge for Cineo, requiring the development of proprietary LEDs that carry the same exceptional color quality as Cineo’s innovative Remote Phosphor fixtures. As a result, the Quantum120 features four proprietary 585mm x 585mm metal ceramic LED modules, each with 1,280 CineoColor LEDs.

The Quantum120 measures at a substantial 1.2m x 1.2m x 14cm (48in x 48in x 5.5in), while only weighing in at 25kg (55lbs), inclusive of its integrated power supply and electronics. It outputs up to 75,000 lumens of high-quality, color-accurate light while only drawing 1200 watts. The fixture is able to dim from 0-100 percent locally or remotely, remaining completely flicker-free on all light-levels without color shift. Color temperature is completely variable from 2700K-6000K with presets at 2700K, 3200K, 4300K, 5600K and 6000K.

The Quantum120 can be completely controlled locally or remotely via DMX and is configurable via RDM. A silent, passive cooling system without fans ensures no disruptive ambient noise. The fixture can be fitted with standard 4×4 frames and comes with a removable Snapbag softbox. Multiple mounting options are available, including a heavy-duty yoke.

About Cineo Lighting
Cineo Lighting LLC was founded to produce the highest quality lighting systems available for the motion picture, television, and photography industries. By pioneering cutting-edge technologies, Cineo creates high-output, compact light sources for image capture, in all power ranges, which exceed the capabilities of traditional lighting tools.

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