Cinesys-Oceana’s Exciting Dynamic Drive Pool Technology

The speed and reliability of the Dynamic Drive Pool storage solution by Cinesys-Oceana has been receiving rave reviews on the ease of set-up through the iSCSI interface which exclusively uses Ethernet and standard Ethernet switches. The team has developed a very responsive unit which has outperformed their client expectations. The DDP is designed for providing high performance / high bandwidth shared workflows for uncompressed  or high traffic high volume projects with simultaneous usage from your edit suites and graphic workstations. The installation of the system is very intuitive, whereas some clients have said “it’s designed as a plug and play system!” The DDP provides file level based sharing for Avid, Apple, Adobe, Autodesk, Digital Vision, Grass Valley, Digidesign, Merging, Nuendo, Sequoia, Fairlight and many others. All out of one box!

The other highlight is that you can add seats free of charge! So, if you have a growing post production facility or studio you can grow your areas with confidence. The maintenance tool set is very easy to use and understand! And now with the recently updated admin. interface, it makes it even more efficient for management at a glance! The DDP is definitely worth a look! Oh, I almost forgot to mention that  DDP won in the Storage category at the IABM Design & Innovation Awards 2014!
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CineSys Oceana is the result of the merger of two of North America’s premiere distributors of hardware, software, and specialized services to the Media and Entertainment Industry. CineSys. founded in 1997, is well known as the industry’s leading supplier of motion picture hardware, software, and engineering support in the Southern United States. Oceana Digital, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, is one of the leading suppliers of systems, support, and software to the Media and Entertainment industry across Canada and the north-eastern United States. With offices in New York, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Toronto and Vancouver, the new CineSys Oceana will continue to provide exceptional sales and support services to the Media & Entertainment Industry in most major production centers across the continent.
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