Cinova Reveals CRUNCH 5.0 video stream optimization at Streaming Media West

Cinova today will reveal Video CRUNCH 5.0 @ Streaming Media West, Booth 211. The latest version of their fast, efficient, high quality stream optimization solution dramatically improves user experiences and encourages consumer engagement with ecommerce sites, video streaming services and other media rich applications by significantly reducing the delays, stutters and lag associated with online video and photos. Cinova CRUNCH offers:

    The Best User Experience
    Fastest time from click to view
    Superb visual fidelity
    Optimization for mobile applications

    Easy integration
    No encoder modifications needed
    No changes to CDNs, apps or media players
    Flexible deployment in the cloud or local servers

    Speed and efficiency
    Faster than real-time
    Operates entirely in the compressed domain
    Ultra-light resource requirements

The exclusive Perception Optimized Processing used by Cinova CRUNCH further reduces compressed files sizes up to 80% for photos and 50% for videos while maintaining maximum content fidelity and image quality. This enables faster downloads, especially on mobile networks, so users to see content faster. For mobile commerce, Crunch slashes the time between click and content display to foster better conversions and increased revenues. CRUNCH is the only stream and photo optimization solution that operates entirely in the compressed domain. This makes CRUNCH incredibly easy to deploy as a cloud-based service or on local servers without modifying existing CDNs, apps, media players or compression operations.

Cinova partners have integrated CRUNCH into their services with minimal investment in time and resource. CRUNCH has been deployed commercially, at scale. To date, more than 10 billion images have been delivered to end users via CRUNCH. Cinova’s image processing expertise is protected IP with many patents issues and filed. Cinova is a venture backed, early stage enterprise located in Mountain View California. Learn more about us at

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