Clippn Launches Custom Video Workflow Management Service for News, Media and Archival Organizations

Clippn Offloads the ‘Heavy Lift’ of Ingest, Organizing, Packaging and Monetizing Valuable Video Content for Clients; Delivers Virtual Post Production and Distribution, Cataloging and Tagging, and Consulting Services for Video Workflow Management 


Clippn Inc. ( today announced the launch of an entirely new, custom Video Workflow Management Service for news, media and archival organizations. With this new service, Clippn provides a unique combination of Human and Artificial Intelligence (AI) video management workflows that include virtual post production and distribution, cataloging and tagging for archives, as well as specialized consulting services for organizations who require a ‘built from the ground up’ workflow solution. Clippn’s custom, streamlined workflow services are designed to increase an organization’s usage of, and revenue streams from, their valuable media archives.


To service the needs of its clients – typically mid-sized to large news, media and archival organizations with massive, untapped media asset libraries and archives – Clippn has developed a proprietary, customizable cloud-based media workflow service that effectively offloads the ‘heavy lift’ of ingest, organizing, packaging and monetizing valuable video content for their customers. 


Major global news organizations use Clippn to streamline their video operations for news, increasing usage across the organization, and generating ROI from their massive day-of-air and archival content.


Clippn: How it Works

For news organizations, Clippn streamlines video operations for news, increasing usage across the organization, and generating ROI for their content. Clippn solves several key problems in a simple yet elegant way, creating a virtuous cycle that increases speed to market, quantity and quality of usable footage, boosting revenue streams, and increasing future uses. With Clippn, the footage is now tagged and searchable in a client’s archive. And a feedback loop to the videographers and assignment desk creates a synergy that improves the quality of submissions, making them even more valuable. So videographers are no longer sending their footage into a black hole.

Staff/freelance photographers around the world upload their video footage through Clippn via Clippn’s proprietary dashboard, add media files and source captions/metadata through an intuitive upload wizard, including a customizable metadata form.


For media and archives organizations, Clippn streamlines and simplifies the media aggregation process, eliminating the massive burden on these platforms of curating, organizing, adding metadata and tagging and editing clips into usable formats for their customers. Clippn turns raw video from contributors around the world and packages them into ready-for-sale clips for their customers.


Combining Human and AI Workflows 

Clippn employs a combination of human and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to ensure integrity, accuracy and efficiency in the asset management workflow. For example, footage travels to Clippn’s cloud platform (AWS), where editors for news create b-roll montages (“VOs”) and individual clips through a remote editing workflow.


Then taggers add enhanced titling, description, keyword tagging, and other specific metadata for pre-set end uses. After a QA pass, the content (including the source files) gets published to spec for formatting and metadata, and sent to news organizations and archiving services for use.


Clippn Workflow Advisory Team – “Clip Wranglers”

For those organizations with massive archives but minimal internal systems or resources to manage them, Clippn has also created an elite Workflow Advisory Team team to provide clients with highly-specialized, custom media workflow design services. This team of experts can be deployed on-site to design, build, execute and even manage the content licensing, cataloging and archiving processes and systems for any news, media or archives organization. 


Pricing and Availability

Clippn custom Video Workflow Management Service is available for immediate configuration for a wide range of production-through-post media asset management, monetization, and archiving needs. To learn more or to speak with one of our workflow specialists,  please visit


About Clippn

Clippn specializes in designing Video Workflow Management Solutions for news, media and archival organizations that increase the usage of, and revenue streams from, their valuable media archives and day-of-air footage. With deep roots and broad experience in production, post production and media asset management technologies, Clippn solves complex video problems with simple yet elegant, streamlined media workflows that add value at every step. For more information, please visit


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