Cloud Use on the Rise in Broadcast Pro Video Sector

SCRI has completed the 2014 Broadcast Pro Video Production/Post in the Cloud Report, as well as the annually 2014-2015 Broadcast Pro Video Marketplace (B/PVM)ä Product Reports, and a brand new 2014 Broadcast Pro Video Marketplace (B/PVM)ä Trends Report. Read on for some key data plus descriptions and links to table of contents and discounts offered for each report.


  • In the Cloud survey, more than half of all responding facilities (55.8%) describe the business as Video Production and/or Post Production – the leading vertical market in the survey.
  • Broadcast TV ranked 2nd with 31.7% followed by Corporate Video (26.7%), Film Production/Post (24.2%), and (Media 21.7%) rounding out the tope five vertical markets.
  • Coverage was mainly USA (81.5%) and with Canada (7.3%), North America accounted for 88.8% of the sample. Europe accounted for 8.9% with ROW the remaining 3%.
  • Regarding facility staffing size, just ender half (49.2%) comprise staff of between 1-10 people; 11-100 account for 30%; with the remaining approx. 20% from facilities with more than 100.
  • Cloud usage — just under half of all responding vide production and broadcast TV facilities are already working in the Cloud (44.7%).
  • By the end of 2014 this will increase by another 13.8% to close to six out of ten facilities across the board (58.5%).
  • About three in ten facilities (29.3%) are still unsure about the use of Cloud in video production/post, but in all likelihood, this group will come around as the key issues relating to Cloud use currently are solved and addressed by Cloud vendors.
  • SCRI predicts that by 2016 most of the broadcast and video facilities will be working in the Cloud .
  • SCRI’s 2014 Cloud Use in Broadcast/Production Report contains 56 pages of hard data on the use and planned use of Cloud, issues relating to Cloud use, applications, brands including brands of editing and post tools in use, and a host of other key data. View table of contents here.


  • SCRI has also just released the annually updated 2014-2015 Broadcast Pro Video Marketplace (B/PVM)ä Product Reports, tracking total sales, in units and dollars, by vertical end-user market, plus brand shares for over 15 product types. View table of contents here.


  • SCRI has also produced a new 2014 Broadcast Pro Video Marketplace (B/PVM)ä Trends Report, a 58 page report tracking product purchases and key macro economic trends impacting the broadcast pro video space, as well as detailed data and analysis of each of the key vertical end-user markets and the factors driving demand in each. View table of contents here.


  • SCRI is offering special Pre-NAB discounts, plus the usual multiple report and existing client discounts. Contact for more info.
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