Cobalt Digital Live Streams Demos to Fill IBC Void

Cobalt Digital Live Streams Demos to Fill IBC Void

Presentations of Best-of-Class Native SMPTE ST 2110 Processing and Multi-Link RIST Offer Demos with a Click Instead of a Trip

Champaign, IL – December 16, 2021 — Cobalt® Digital has announced plans to fill the IBC void with live-streamed demos of solutions that were to be highlighted at IBC before the in-person show was cancelled. The award-winning designer and manufacturer of edge devices for live video production and master control, and a founding partner in the openGear® initiative, is live-streaming demos of its new Indigo 2110-DC-01, an integrated ST 2110 option, and of RIST Multi-Link in seamless switching mode using RIST and SMPTE ST 2022. Virtual visitors can view both demos now.

“Since we can’t bring our solutions to IBC, we’ll bring them directly to our customers’ desktops,” explained Suzana Brady, SVP of worldwide sales and marketing for Cobalt. “It would have been wonderful to see everyone in Amsterdam, but of course health and safety come first. But the lack of a physical presence doesn’t diminish our excitement or enthusiasm, and we are delighted to share the benefits of our new products and enhanced solutions with the industry live and easily accessible with a click instead of a trip.”

Indigo in Action

Cobalt’s recently launched Indigo 2110-DC-01 offers best-of-class native ST 2110 audio / video processing. The highly integrated ST 2110 factory option, adds SMPTE ST-2110 support to the Company’s popular 9904-UDX-4K and 9905-MPx audio/video processor cards. The enhancement brings a cost-effective, easy to manage and fully integrated way to avoid the need for multiple and expensive devices in the data path. Indigo 2110-DC-01 includes multiple 25G Ethernet interfaces to support uncompressed 4K. Support for ST-2022-7 seamless redundancy switching is incorporated for improved network reliability as well as IS-04/IS-05 NMOS for automatic discovery and configuration. This included support makes interfacing to an existing network very straightforward, as the devices are auto discovered by the network management.

The advanced audio/video processing engines of Cobalt’s 9904 and 9905 cards are capable of up/down/cross conversion, audio routing, color correction, and 3D-LUT processing. Additionally, the 9904 platform has support for Advanced HDR by Technicolor. Now, with the Indigo 2110-DC-01 option, these cards are available with IP inputs and outputs, eliminating the need for any external gateways. When the two cards are combined into a single package, a powerful and dense solution is created that is capable of natively processing HD, 3G and 4K IP streams without compromising quality.

The Indigo in Action demonstration shows a 9905-MPx card with the Indigo option ingesting a SDI signal and converting it to an ST 2110 stream.  This stream is natively processed in the 2110 domain and converted back to SDI for display.  The demo utilizes Cobalt’s 9971 openGear card to show the workflow on a Multiviewer composite including original and processed signals, as well as a real-time analyzer presented on the Multiviewer screen.

Click to view the live demo:

Catch a Live RIST Multi-Link Demo in Seamless Switching Mode

Available now is a LIVE demonstration showing of RIST multi-link in seamless switching mode using RIST and SMPTE ST 2022-7. The presentation shows a Cobalt 9992-ENC encoder sending two stream copies to a Cobalt 9992-DEC decoder. One stream going directly from the encoder to the decoder with no impairments, and another goes through a network simulator with 2% packet loss. The 9992-DEC reassembles the stream; and the screen shows the final stream and the per-link statistics.

Click to view the live demo:

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