Codex and OFFHOLLYWOOD deliver streamlined workflow for RED cameras with live HDR on-set grading

Codex ( and OFFHOLLYWOOD (recently acquired by Vitec Group) have announced the seamless integration of Codex Live, the colour management and look-creation system enabling set-to-post colour confidence, with OFFHOLLYWOOD’s OMOD for RED Digital Cinema cameras. This technology collaboration delivers a fast and robust set-to-post solution for RED camera workflows, and also enables live High Dynamic Range (HDR) on-set grading for the first time, and launches during NAB 2016. Visit Codex booth #SL6828 and at RED booth #SL1517.

Codex Live features an easy-to-operate interface and enables users on-set to create and preview looks and colour grades directly from multiple live HD-SDI camera feeds. These looks and grades can be previewed with Codex Review and automatically applied when generating deliverables via Codex Production Suite. With Codex Live, the looks created can be exported in various formats (ASC-CDL for example) for application downstream in the workflow. Codex Live has multiple colour controls to adjust the range of colour parameters including Offset/Power/Slope/Saturation, Printer Lights and Life/Gamma/Gain and is ASC-CDL and ACES-compliant. Crucially, the looks and grades delivered by Codex Live can be used to communicate the creative intent from the set, and form the starting point for colour-consistent dailies and post-production deliverables.

Developed by OFFHOLLYWOOD, OMODs are the first third party modules for the RED WEAPON camera platform. OFFHOLLYWOOD’s long experience with RED cameras and workflows allowed it develop a product enhancing the functionality of RED cameras. Designed for the colour management requirements of today’s workflows, three independent HD-SDI outputs can be routed in any configuration from RED’s SDI & HDMI monitor paths. Each output can have a CDL and/or 3D LUT applied, controlled and stored independently.

The smooth integration means that Codex Live can generate CDLs and 3D LUTs for the OFFHOLLYWOOD OMOD module. Codex Live users can grade wirelessly, in real-time, directly to the OMOD. Each monitor path can have a separate colour pipeline, so that, for example, the DIT can grade and preview in isolation and then share the look when ready.

Significantly, the combination of the OFFHOLLYWOOD OMOD with CODEX Live enables the creation of live HDR – at same time as SDR – and, utilizing CODEX Live, users can colour grade CDLs under HDR output. It is thought to be the first-ever live HDR and CDL workflow.

“We developed Codex Live to meet a need for secure colour pipelines that are integrated into the production to post workflow, so that the look created on-set is exactly what appears in the VFX, editorial deliverables and in the DI grading suite,” said Brian Gaffney, VP business development at Codex, “We are excited to work Mark and the team at OFFHOLLYWOOD to integrate Codex Live with the OMOD for use with the premier cameras and products in the market, and to innovate even further by bringing the ability to perform live HDR grading on-set.”

Mark Pederson, director of technology for OFFHOLLYWOOD, added, “Codex’s reputation for efficient, secure workflows is unsurpassed, and Codex Live just adds to their palette of tools. We are excited to work with them as we introduce OMOD, a product that we believe will be eagerly received by RED users everywhere.”

About Codex: Codex high-performance digital workflow tools are employed by independent and Hollywood motion pictures, high-end TV and commercials productions shooting worldwide. Designed for filmmakers by filmmakers, the company’s renowned product portfolio includes easy-to-use recorders and media processing systems that streamline the transfer of digital files and images from camera through to post production. They also include leading-edge tools for colour, dailies creation, archiving, review and digital asset management. Codex is a privately-held company, headquartered in London, UK, with offices in Los Angeles, Paris, Beijing and Wellington, plus sales partners worldwide. Codex research and development continues to raise the bar for digital productions, combining the latest electronics and industrial design with trailblazing toolsets and capabilities for media and entertainment creation. Codex Live on Mac with TangentFor more information please visit

About OFFHOLLYWOOD :OFFHOLLYWOOD is a digital cinema company based in Brooklyn providing R&D and cutting-edge production/post-production services. Actively partnering with leading hardware and software vendors, OFFHOLLYWOOD is frequently used both by major studios, agencies and independent producers to tackle technically complex projects.

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