College of DuPage Enhances Event Communications with Clear-Com Systems

 The College of DuPage (COD), the second-largest provider of undergraduate education in Illinois, has successfully utilized Clear-Com®’s advanced communication solutions for over two decades, significantly enhancing its production capabilities for various large-scale events. The institution recently demonstrated the efficacy of these systems during its 57th commencement ceremony, a major event that hosted 5,000 attendees and celebrated the achievements of 700 graduates.

COD’s production team employs an extensive Clear-Com setup, including two FreeSpeak II® digital wirelesssystems integrated with LQ® Series IP Interface, merging multiple Clear-Com products. This setup comprises of transceivers connected to the Eclipse® HX Digital Matrix system, a base station, and both wired and wireless beltpacks. The versatility and reliability of these systems are essential for managing a wide array of field productions, including commencement speeches, concerts, and other significant events across the campus.

For the commencement ceremony, the production setup included two FreeSpeak II transceivers strategically placed to cover the entire arena, ensuring robust wireless communication. Ten wireless beltpacks were utilized by key crew members to maintain mobility while ensuring clear communication. The LQ Series IP Interface facilitated seamless integration of different communication devices and extended the reach of communication to remote locations. Acting as the central hub, the Eclipse HX Digital Matrix connected all communication devices and ensured reliable and synchronized communication.

This comprehensive setup efficiently supported an 18-member crew within the arena. The communication network, comprising both wired and wireless beltpacks, ensured seamless coordination among the team members, contributing to the smooth execution of the event. Additionally, the LQ system was used to connect with graduates and other team members in different buildings, ensuring clear and reliable communication between the control room in the arena and various remote locations.

Beyond large events, Clear-Com systems are used extensively across the College of DuPage campus. These systems facilitate communication for various activities, including daily operations, special events, and emergency coordination. The flexibility and scalability of Clear-Com solutions enable the college to adapt to different communication needs, ensuring that every event, regardless of size or complexity, is managed efficiently.

Sal Garcia, Production Supervisor and Sound Engineer at College of DuPage, emphasized the importance of Clear-Com systems: “The flexibility and ease of use provided by Clear-Com are invaluable for our field productions. Whether it’s a commencement ceremony or daily campus operations, Clear-Com ensures that our team can communicate effectively and deliver a flawless experience.”

The College of DuPage is a public community college and the second-largest provider of undergraduate education in Illinois, after the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. With its main campus in Glen Ellyn and additional campuses in Addison, Carol Stream, Naperville, and Westmont, COD serves a diverse student body across Illinois’ Community College District 502.

For more information about Clear-Com’s communication solutions and their applications, please visit Clear-Com’s website.

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For more information about Clear-Com’s communication solutions and their applications, please visit Clear-Com’s website.

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