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At IBC2015, Comigo will demonstrate its widely deployed TV platform. Comigo’s multiscreen TV platform provides personal, advanced social capabilities and engagement on every screen, including TV sets, smartphones, and tablets. Comigo will also show its HEVC and 4K Android(TM) set-top box (STB) solution.
Key Products and Technology Demos

Comigo Multiscreen TV Platform
Widely deployed and endorsed by various pay-TV operators around the world, Comigo’s TV platform enables pay-TV operators to control and offer an exciting TV viewing experience on any screen. The solution increases operator revenues and boosts viewer satisfaction.

Using the engagement solution, pay-TV operators can quickly develop, control, and roll out interactive applications (WatchApps), based on the content the viewer is watching, whether live TV, VOD, or Internet-based content, in a simple and non-intrusive way, to every screen.

Comigo’s unique TV experience is facilitated by the company’s back-end engines. These Experience Engines are fully controlled by the operator.

Comigo also provides a full set of client-based solutions including mobile apps for smartphones and tablets and an Android-based STB solution, which supports HEVC and 4K technologies.

Operators can also easily integrate Comigo’s Experience Engines with their own client solutions.

Utilizing Comigo’s solution, operators can:
* Quickly roll-out content-related applications and services, encouraging viewer engagement and opening new revenue streams.
* Personalize the entire viewing experience and generate micro-targeted campaigns by utilizing the data gathered on each viewer.
* Provide the most suitable content to each viewer, using Comigo’s personal and social-recommendation engine algorithms.
* Enrich TV content with relevant information, data, and social activity, including social media platforms, from a variety of on-line sources.
* Utilize the consumers’ social networks to promote and increase the sale of content and services.

Company Overview:

Widely deployed worldwide, Comigo’s TV platform allows operators to offer a personalized, social, and engaging TV experience on any device. The Comigo platform is designed to excite the TV viewer and stimulate new revenue opportunities for Pay TV operators.

The heart of the Comigo platform is a back-end solution that is fully controlled by the operator. As a complementary part of the platform, Comigo provides client-based solutions including an Android-based STB and client apps for Android- and iOS-based smartphones and tablets.

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Comigo Multiscreen TV Platform
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