Comprimato extends JPEG2000 partnership with Telestream

BRNO, Czech Republic, April 18, 2017 – Comprimato, a leading provider of GPU accelerated storage compression and video transcoding solutions, announced today that Telestream®, a leading provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, is to offer the Comprimato Ultra J2K JPEG2000 software codec as part of its entire range of encoding solutions. This follows the implementation of Comprimato technology in Telestream Vantage encoders running on the company’s Lightspeed server hardware. To see the Comprimato Ultra J2K codec technology in action, visit us at NAB meeting room number, SU11724MR or see it on the Telestream NAB booth SL3316.

The unique power of the Comprimato approach to JPEG2000 comes from its use of the massively parallel architecture of standard GPU chips now embedded in both dedicated hardware like the Telestream Lightspeed and in standard commercial off the shelf (COTS) hardware. The software design ensures that all of the benefits of JPEG2000, an increasingly popular codec, is available for high productivity applications.

“We implemented the Comprimato Ultra J2K software codec last year to solve a specific user requirement – the need to create IMF files for delivery to online services like Netflix,” said Paul Turner, Vice President of Enterprise Products at Telestream. “It proved so successful, delivering speed and quality, that we have extended our partnership with Comprimato, making the codec available across our complete encoder range.”

JPEG2000 has long been noted for its excellent image quality (including mathematically and visually lossless variants), its resilience to multiple encodings and decodings, and the elimination of the need for a separate proxy version because of the reduced scale versions inherent in its wavelet compression. The challenge has been its heavy processing requirements, but Comprimato’s radically new design, moving much of the mathematics to parallel processing in one or more GPUs, delivers practical performance ideal for high intensity, demanding applications. In the Telestream implementation, it can reduce encoding times by as much as a factor of 12.

“JPEG2000 is an open standard, recognised universally, an option in most modern file-based delivery standards and mandated by many,” said Comprimato founder and CEO Jirí Matela. “For the first time, a GPU-accelerated codec eliminates the perceived processing bottleneck of JPEG2000. We are excited to continue our close working relationship with one of the world leaders in encoding technology, Telestream.”

The collaboration of Telestream and Comprimato delivers dramatic productivity gains with the highest image quality. Specifically, when encoding JPEG2000 into IMF, AS02 or MXF OP1a media files, the Vantage Comprimato combination reduces overall workflow processing time by up to 12 times. When decoding JPEG2000 contained in IMF, AS02 or MXF OP1a media files, a Vantage system with the Comprimato Ultra J2K option can reduce overall workflow processing by as much as 20%.

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