Comrex’s ACCESS NX Rack: The Highlight Of The Comrex 2020 NAB Show Exhibit


One of the unique aspects about entertainment as a whole, is the connection between the creator and the audience. The 2020 NAB Show is about expanding that very connection. This coming April, the 2020 NAB Show will be taking place at the Las Vegas Convention center, where over 90,000 professionals from the broadcast industry will gather as part of a global event to collaborate and innovate the unique creative potential behind their brands.

The broadcast industry has many areas of focus such as content creation, media, and technology, which all work to establish the necessary connection between a creator and their audience. Now, anything a creator makes has to be unique. That’s part one. Part two involves the presentation needed to grab an audience in which a connection can be formed. For that to happen, a creator needs the right tools, and that’s where Comrex is more than happy to help.


About Comrex



As an entity, Comrex operates in the design and manufacturing of radio/television broadcasting equipment. Comrex’s designs and equipment use the most advanced available technology to connect broadcasters with their audiences. The company strives to build reliable, user-friendly tools that engineers can trust to work, even during complicated broadcasts.

Comrex’s legacy goes back nearly six decades, and since its finding back in 1961, it has continually manufactured high-quality broadcast equipment that is used by radio and television customers on a global scale. The company’s industry-leading ACCESS and BRIC-Link IP audio codecs are used for a variety of audio transport applications including sports play-by-play, voiceover, studio-transmitter links, and more. Their LiveShot IP video codec is the industry’s only bonded cellular (or IP) offering that gives a customer a two-way video, which includes two IFBs that make it a complete live wireless newsgathering hardware-based solution.

All Comrex codecs include CrossLock VPN Technology. This technology provides an unparalleled level of reliability for the transmission of high-quality audio and/or video over the public Internet. It accomplishes this by employing a bonding of multiple data channels, bonding or redundancy, and the industry’s most advanced Adaptive Management Engine. In addition to their guest interview solutions, which include telephone hybrids for POTS and VoIP as well as IP audio gateway Opal for expert guests, Comrex’s new ACCESS NX Rack will surely prove to be a great tool for helping broadcast professionals build connections with their audience.


Comrex‘s ACCESS NX Rack



When it comes to the connection a creator establishes with their audience, the content will always play a significant role, and having the right technology is even more essential for bringing any plan to life. Comrex’s ACCESS NX Rack serves as the perfect studio counterpart to ACCESS portable units as well as a dependable point-to-point codec. This broadcast tool is a full-featured IP audio codec that offers unparalleled reliability. The ACCESS NX Rack also works over a range of connections, which include
Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and 3G/4G networks. Utilizing CrossLock Technology, the Comrex’s ACCESS NX Rack works as the most sophisticated piece of network management technology on the market.

Additional features of the ACCESS NX Rack include:

  • AES67, AES3 and Analog audio I/O
  • New web-based user interface
  • EBU 3326/SIP mode for compatibility

The ACCESS NX Rack is compatible with devices such as:

  • ACCESS NX Portable
  • ACCESS Portable Classic
  • ACCESS Portable 2USB
  • BRIC-Link
  • BRIC-Link II
  • ACCESS Rackmount
  • FieldTap (app)
  • ACCESS NX Rack
  • ACCESS MultiRack

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About 2020 NAB Show And Broadcast Industry



A radio/television broadcasting manufacturer like Comrex fully understands the connection between the audience and the content creatives distribute. This is why for nearly 60 years, the company has successfully supplied broadcast professionals with the right tools necessary for them to build connections even in the most complicated broadcast scenarios. The 2020 NAB Show is all about having diversity, and from April 18-22, broadcast professionals from all over the digital ecosystem will gather together to further broaden their views as well as their own approaches to better connecting their content with their audiences.

Visit the Comrex exhibit during the 2020 NAB Show at booth # C2336.

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